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Thread: VVL Distributor

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2009-08-19 21:14:10
VVL Distributor
i just swapped my sr20ve into my b13 sentra and im using the VE ecu and the VE maf ...my car idles at 3000 when the ditributor is advanced and it idles at 2k when it is in the middle
2009-08-19 21:45:13
i think the ve ecu uses a lower timing such as 5 for its ref than the usual 15 for de.
2009-08-21 02:22:13
did u check ur tps
2009-08-21 08:59:47
Read this and open the links:
Help! P11 dizzy rewire and ecu pinout chart - SR20 Forum

There are lots of info on the old forum.

If your car idles high then probably tps is always on. Consult to check or remove and place back again.
You need to run base idle adjustment through AAC black knob each time you advance or retard timing.
If you have ve loom use all ve stuff including tps, use the upper plug only.
VE ecu runs on 5 degrees. Distributor in the middle. It will not run better if you advance it.
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