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Thread: best ve nitrous cam

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2009-08-14 00:04:23
best ve nitrous cam
what do you guys think would be the best cams for a big shot of nitrous(100-125 shot) on a ve...i know for the de its said matching the s3 intake and s4 exhaust is a good setup...how about sr16ve intake and n1 exhaust
2009-08-15 01:20:51
Well since no one has chimed in after 49 views I will put my 2 cents in. You want very little to no overlap with the cams you use, when using nitrous. So I would use the cam combo that give you the least amount of overlap as possible. I would also use cam gears to further reduce the overlap after that. I believe 20ve, 16ve and 16ve N1 cams all have 0 degrees of overlap on the low cam lobes so this means that when you decrease your overlap for the high lobes by using the cam gears you will increase your overlap for the low lobes. In short you can't reduce the high cam lobes overlap with out increasing the low cam lobes overlap. You would have to also play with your RPM activation points aswell. Will require some thought but all great things do. Good luck and if you get a chance post some dyno experiment results.
2009-08-15 03:49:51
hmmm...I dont have an answer but...
2009-08-17 01:01:35
Another quick thought on this is this. Those who know are not talking. This is how races are won.
2009-08-17 01:08:02
^^correctomundo but your first post is pretty much on point.
2009-08-17 01:18:13
I PMed Dre about this very issue and he told me to use N1's. So use N1's. LOL.
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