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Thread: Dyno tuned ve w/ stock 2.0 cams

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2009-08-13 15:45:25
nice tune af stays consistant through powereband.
2009-08-13 15:50:58
Originally Posted by sr20venosfreak
I also know somebody with less whp and a heavier car and traps the same mph.That's the reason I asked the weight of the car in the first place.

At least someone got my point jejejejeje....
2009-08-13 18:36:40
Originally Posted by ca18
why do people want the bin so bad?? its tuned for his car, yours will most likely be different

This is starting to look like the ASP headers thread. One person made good power and everyone wants it, everyone gets it, doesn't do the same for them, and everyone gets mad lol
2009-08-13 19:13:07
Every motor is different period! That means every tune should be different even it's it's by .0000000001!
2009-08-14 23:24:21
Originally Posted by SUNNYboi
This is starting to look like the ASP headers thread. One person made good power and everyone wants it, everyone gets it, doesn't do the same for them, and everyone gets mad lol

Is it getting a bit catty in here? Are people hating because someone made some good #s?
2009-08-15 01:11:10
Originally Posted by Benito
Is it getting a bit catty in here? Are people hating because someone made some good #s?

Wouldn't be the first time
2009-08-15 03:20:23
^^^ Lol
2009-08-15 08:29:46
Originally Posted by cory
here is how i see it. i understand where your comming from. but i dont think many guys come out and actually tune stock motors, i think they actually do better then we give them credit for stock. i also made 180s with out tuning and the exact same mods, using the same ssac. i know i made almost 200whp w just sr16 cams and the same header this car is using and gained almost 10 over stock, because i played with the timing aswell. now that makes sense because i did not tune the stock set up, just made a base pull so i knew where the car was at and what i started with hp wise.

i also noticed with my car is that its not really easy to pick up a ton of power. these motors do so well stock that you really have to be smart about modding them. i think everyone with n1 cams is probably only making about 7-8 whp more then stock unless hey have the proper headers. for example my car made about the same power, but lost tq when i went from 16 to n1 cams until i built a 4-1 that worked.

i guess all im really saying is that not many ppl tune stock set ups, if they did i think we would see more numbers like this. im not the only one who ran 13.5@100 w a stock motor. both me and him do, wich means both our motors made the same amount, as we weigh the same.

I also agree that is very difficult to make power with ve engine.Atleast tryng to make more than 205-215.Once your around that power range no matter what else you mod it feels like your risking to make more hp.The next mod I'm going to be adding to my setup is a IM to hold power over 8k because shifting into fourth realy hurts our ET.Next mod I will do if I were you.I will do a valve job.Your engine will benifit from it especialy having that IM on it.After this point next thing is to modify your tranny.Your car will benifit from it so much especialy having that top end.It will be good having a good fourth to shift to.Not even a sr16 tranny are good after 3rd for allmotor. This is where Hondas have a uper hand on us with the same power.

To this point everything starts getting to expensive for just 215+whp.Thats why I decided to sacrifce a couple of hp from high compression pistons and I sprayed it.I'm starting to like my ve nitrous more than my turbo setup.I love hearing the sound of allmotor above 8500 on nitrous.It's sound so bralic from outside the car.

I don't mean to thread jack but in a couple of days I will be posting up a vid of my car and I will like for you to tell me what you realy think of my car.Matter fact I will like to get opinions of everybody especialy from those who have traped 103 or better.I'm hoping to trap 105 then trap 120 with nos or atleast thats my goal.I already did a couple of good hours road tunning to try to get the best allmotor,now all I need is to tune for an extra 50 shot and go to the track and put on the 24.5x8.5 to see what it does.

Back to topic GL to you and your friend with your setups.Keep us posted.Time for me to go to sleep.
2009-08-15 15:50:37
dont think its hard to make power over 215..... it like any other car is just not cheap...... but very doable..... u just have to know the rite recipe and someone to blend it rite.
2010-02-06 05:30:37
That's pretty good. Close to 200whp with minimal mods. People seem to want to rev really high with these cars but you know what the HP peak seems to be around 7k rpm. Me personally I'd be fine with that type of power peak. Reving to 8-9K is cool and all but for a street car 7k Hp peak is plenty fine. Also there isn't really any solid evidence of how a 4cw crank likes 8-9k rpms. I'm talking about road racing for a season and then opening up the motor to see what the bottom end looks like from the abuse. The once in a while dyno pull or once in a while drag race is not the same thing as a seasons worth of high rev driving.
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