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Thread: Fuel pressure problem?

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2008-01-16 04:54:33
Fuel pressure problem?
I dont know for sure if I have a problem or not but, last summer I had a baseline dyno run and I tuned my fuel pressure when I did the run. In the heat of summer I needed to run 32.2 psi of fuel pressure at idle 40.5 with the hose off to get the most power, it was at least 100*F outside that day. Today I noticed my fuel pressure was abnormally high 38-39 psi at idle and 48 psi with the hose off! But it was about 60*F when I checked it today. So whats the deal is it working right?

I suspect maybe there's more air pressure or something when the air is cold making my fuel pressure setting get messed up? But then if I put the fuel pressure back to stock (36psi hose on 43.5psi hose off) how do I know its not running it lean? Could a malfunctioning fuel pump cause this?
2008-01-16 05:02:00
I'm using a NISMO FPR by the way.
2008-01-16 17:13:38
EGT GAUGE and measuring cfms always helps when you dont have a dyno at home.
2008-01-17 03:50:03
Or a wideband.
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