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Thread: Help - VVL Engine - Popcorn Sound

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2009-08-05 02:53:52
Help - VVL Engine - Popcorn Sound

My engine was working fine. Absolutely no problems. Then a partner introduced me to some Acetone. I placed 3oz to 40 litres and issues started.


1. Noticeable power increase. Wheel spin all in 3rd gear.
2. Quick start. Car starts in 1/2 tumble.

1. Reduced mileage, increased gas consumption.
2. Lots back firing noises when decelerating.

I ran out the existing fuel and filled up with fresh fuel today and the same thing. Did a scan and O2 and MAF working. What am i not checking???
2009-08-05 03:00:19
The acetone may be dissolving deposits in your system. It could also be ****ing your ****.
2009-08-05 11:40:46
I was thinking the same thing. Its not my mind. I initially thought it was the 02 sensor, but this sensor is working fine at least from the Nissan Blatz.

Any more ideas anyone ?
2009-08-05 15:06:55
why would someone wanna do this.......
2009-08-05 23:03:18
I never heard of anyone putting acetone in their gas. There are better products to use in your gas. That are available on the shelf at your local cleaning store.
2009-08-05 23:11:48
Spins through 3rd huh? Man I wish my ve had that much powah! Time to whip out that acetone!!

2009-08-06 00:23:05
Spinning through 3rd??? I don't even spin in 3rd. Man I wish I had open diff sometimes. :P
2009-08-06 00:44:08
Acetone can be used to increase your gas mileage if the proper amount is used. That is a fact but to much can be a bad thing. I recommend driving without acetone for a while and continue to use the gas you used to. It should clear up.
2009-08-06 12:25:10
Originally Posted by Dudeman258
Spins through 3rd huh? Man I wish my ve had that much powah! Time to whip out that acetone!!



I think this is the recipe to run low 12s (allmotor), most of the cars I see spinning on 3rd are turboed
2009-08-06 16:03:36
Acetone is proven to work. I just dont knowwhy mine is frigged up.
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