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Thread: Help - VVL Engine - Popcorn Sound

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2009-08-13 02:55:30
I notice my car sounds like popcorn when I decel with the throttle just slightly depressed. Still decel, but I know it is using fuel and popping.
2009-08-13 03:16:53
I can get the same affect...

I just want to know why this means his fuel filter is causing his problems?

2009-08-13 03:37:59
Well the backfiring/popping sound (which i hate to hear) can be either of a rich condition or lean condition. Im yet to re-hook up the AEM wideband so until this is done everything is just speculating
2009-08-13 03:53:56
Popping during partial throttle/deceleration over-run is normal.
2009-08-15 12:15:46

I was driving my car and it instantly shut down. Phoned the mechanic who came across and started looking at electrical components. Apparently the relay controlling the alarm system had worn out and had to be replaced.

Anyway, i have no idea what happened, but as the guy was ruffling through the harness, something may have clicked, something may have grounded - not sure but something happened. So the car starts back and then the Greddy MSS shuts off. Apparently the jack was slack and become dislodged. So we simply plugged it back in.

The popcorn/back firing sound stopped. The car is running sweet...no noises when decelerating or anything.

What could have happened here ?

Is it the Greddy was keeping the car in "rich" mode thereby allowing extra fuel to be present for the back firing sound ???
2009-08-15 12:16:42
Originally Posted by luis
Popping during partial throttle/deceleration over-run is normal.

I tend to disagree. Disagreeing on the basis that when the swap was done there was absolutely no back firing. This only started happening post acetone.
2009-08-15 17:08:00
ALARM SYSTEM might have had a loose wire or effect on GREDDY mss
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