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Thread: CAI vs WAI: Myth?

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2010-06-16 06:35:40
Originally Posted by Viprdude
That article essentially says, without a velocity stack, a short air intake (that a TON of people run without a velocity stack) is crappier compared to a normal cold air intake. Yep, known.

well yeah, it says that, but i just liked the hypothesis/reasoning they use. Piping before the MAF (ie, cold air piping), in addition to a velocity stack may help to prevent air from concentrating into a stream that causes the MAF sensor to read too high a voltage, which would richen up the AF ratio and negate and power gains, and possibly even cause a loss in power in certain parts of the powerband. yeah come dyno day i'll be trying out my intake with and without a velocity stack to see if gains are there
2010-06-16 06:40:16
i guess i'll also make mention of R2C, found out about this company since i'm on myg37 forum as well. They apparently make some of the best filters for cars--high filtration and low restriction in comparison to other brands.

R2C Performance ... World-Class HIgh-Performance Intake Systems & Filters
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