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Thread: Headers Dyno Comparison Thread

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2009-07-04 09:39:41
Headers Dyno Comparison Thread
Ok, I know it is kinda hard to start this while some people still waiting their ASP headers but we got to clear some things.

Stock de header vs ASP budget header. Dyno by Snickers.
ASP made 24hp more

Gen6 header vs ASP budget header. Dyno by Snickers.
ASP made 8.8hp more

Fujitsubo header vs ASP budget header. Dyno by Snickers.
ASP made 4.5hp more

X-force header vs ASP budget header. Dyno by Lonewolf.
X-force made 1hp more.

SSautochrome header vs ASP budget header. Dyno by Happynole.
SSautochrome made 2.5hp more.

So, if all these dynos are real (e.g DE was not detuned and the real power with stock header was about 135hp, x-force was tuned properly and ASP not etc) then the best header for stock motors, even those with N1 cams and 3'' exhaust is SSautochrome.

To be more specific, it goes SSAC > X-force > ASP > Fuji > Gen6.

Let me know what you think.
2009-07-04 11:02:50
What secondaries were on the SS autochrome?
2009-07-04 11:19:59
Originally Posted by Doctor
What secondaries were on the SS autochrome?

Happynole did not mention something.
2009-07-04 13:15:07
My SSAC had the 2.5" secondary. However, as posted in the other thread, the SSAC was not adjusted for afr while we "detuned" the ASP to make it a little richer for safety reasons. Before the fuel adjustments, there was less than 1 HP difference at peak and the ASP made more midrange HP. This was with a 2.5" exhaust catback. I was not able to test the SSAC with my 3" exhaust, the ASP is still on the car and it has a big boost compared to how it felt before, especially above 6000. Kimme drives the NX on a daily basis, and the first time she drove it after I put on the 3", she wanted to know what I did to the car. It was definitly noticable when the cams changed over. I will post up a new graph as soon as I get a chance to dyno again.
2009-07-04 14:02:42
What a find!!!
2009-07-04 14:17:07
also note that my graphs were with the following mods

both had:
n1 cams, BC valve springs, cam gears -2.5 + 2.5, crane coil, fully tuned
Xforce : 2.5" exhaust with 2.25" rear section and muffler
asp: 3.0" exhaust straight through
2009-07-04 14:26:55
2009-07-04 14:43:12
also note: that asp vs. gen6 dyno quote from snickers "This is my budget 4-2-1 VS a Gen 6 Hotshot.
The header dyno'd was the one that I have posted pics of. This is WITHOUT full merge collectors. I also have a few things on it that are not what I would call "up to par" as far as production goes. The base budget headers will be better than this one so they should make more power. The full merge collector headers should make slightly more power across the board and more up top from about 7000rpm+. The full merge collectors should provide power everywhere over the formed collectors. the formed collectors create a low pressure zone which affects top end power and the reflective pressure wave which effects scavenging"
2009-07-04 14:53:01
Great info..... I love this forum!!! Thank you a lot
2009-07-04 15:09:24
Wait till the rest of us dyno our cars....then we can really see whats up. I'm pretty sure this will make more power than my modified topspeed header.
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