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Thread: stillen cam gears on a SR16VE N1

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2009-06-14 01:42:44
stillen cam gears on a SR16VE N1
going to try to install cam gears on my b14 tomarrow ... going to set them to 0/0 for now till i get to a dyno ... what would u guys recommend to start with +2 intake -2 exhaust ? what would be the max recommended for advancing and retarding ? the timing marks and instruction are just like a usdm sr20de ? im a ex jaguar mechanic and all jag engines have been timing chain ao im pretty confident i can do this ... never really for into a nissan engine other then puttuing bolt on ... its my D.D so i just wanted to find some info about it before i rip in to it blind ... thanks
2009-06-14 22:15:17
come on guys help me out .... trying to get this done today and dont wanna start this and get a suprise when i have it all taken apart .... anything helps .... thanks
2009-06-14 22:35:15
The instructions are just like the sr20de and you can follow the directions on the jwt site here http://jimwolftechnology.com/wolfpdf/CAMSPROCKETSR20INSTRUCTIONS.PDF

I'm not sure how the stillen cams look or adjusted but I think you should start off at 0,0 till you get on the dyno. You have a sr16ve N1 right? So I think your cams should be degree'd stock to your motor but depending on where you want the power band to be at, then you adjust the cams accordingly.

Hope that helps.
2009-06-15 00:50:25
Thanks alot man ... Yes it does ... I have access to alldata so I'll put the instructions off of there ... Pretty much I got the cam gears cause I was going turbo and was going tohelp with tuning it ... Buying a celica alltrac so I'm keeping this n/a but wanted to put them on since I have them ... Im hoping to squeez some extra hp with the cam gears
2009-06-16 03:42:41
2009-06-16 18:29:10
Originally Posted by HKS

got a engine lift and engine stand for 150.00 going to get a g20 rr engine for 300 bucks and going to start building me a sick bottom end soon
2009-06-16 21:16:35
lol fuk that save for real for the gt4
2009-06-17 18:14:57
thats after i get the gt4 of course that comese first ... just got the engine lift cause moises needed it to get change the motor he blew trying to race me lol
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