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Thread: i think my tps is bad

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2009-05-24 07:20:04
i think my tps is bad
i need to get a multimeter to confirm this but from what im readin i think either the tps or the wires are bad or something..

while adjusting the timing today i noticed nothin happend when i unplugged the tps, unlike my friends se-r whos timing we also set, his worked just like all the how to threads said it would.. it was a breeze, we set his de to 15* an its purring like a kitten.. i also noticed a difference in the crank pully timing marks, his had a white line which i went off of.. when i set the timing gun to 12* the peg lined up with the white spot then we played with the dizzy till we got it to point to the white dot while the light was on 15* .. now on mine with the gun set to 12 the peg on mine pointed to the 3rd dot from the right so we played with the dizzy to get it to point to that dot while the gun was on 17* all the timing stuff went easy but to get into timing mode i had to turn my headlights, rear defroster, 4ways and heater fan on lol.. so basicly i did get the timing set but im havin trouble with the idle, it wants to idle at 1000 give or take all the time.. i am gonna try to unhook the iacv an tps an see what happens, i gotta re read that thread i found but a few people had luck that way.. but i still nothin happens when i unplug the tps so thats why i think somethings wrong.. that could also be the high idle problem could it not?
2009-05-24 15:28:26
That is weird that nothing happens when you unplug it. Every time I do that the car nearly stalls out before revving back up again. Bad tps can cause a lot of issues. When I left mine unplugged once after timing the car the throttle response was horrible, but I didn't tell much other difference because I didn't leave it unplugged for long.
2009-05-24 19:23:08
my car runs fine with it plugged in or not it just idles high.. my friends car when we unplug the tps the idle shoots up for a second but then settles down like vadims how to said it would..
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