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Thread: stroking an SR16VE

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2009-05-17 15:40:17
2mm off will give a very thin crown, it would likely melt in the middle as the spreading heat carrying capacity would be too low. Its about 5.8mm before you start cutting the crown.

2009-05-17 18:57:42
I would not shave the top of the piston just notch the valve reliefs that will give you the valve clearance you need to be safe and lower the compression.

the center bump wont affect or hit your head so don't worry about that just work the notches.
2009-05-17 19:25:03
meh stuff shaving it, just run e85 or meth
2009-05-22 07:11:35
just been looking and the N1 pistons are actually lower compression not in there original aplication of course but when used in a 2.0 DE, so what would they be in a stroked SR16? would they be enough to bring the compressoin down to around 12:1?
2009-05-22 20:48:54
N1 pistons I believe are about 11.25:1, I think the dome is 2cc less than the 16V at 6.6cc dome vs about 8.6 for the 16v piston. that is for a std stroke, if you increase the stroke you have to calculate everything.
6.4cc for the head gasket, etc...

2009-05-27 11:58:29
got this info :-

20v piston will give you 11:1 compression, the n1 will give you around 13:1 and the sr16ve will give you around 13.7:1.

i really want to get the compression up but i think 13:1 is abit high for normal fuel...
2009-05-27 21:44:39
do it dude, just run it on the high stuff, its all in the tune also
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