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2009-04-23 19:02:18
ok so until i get maself together properly ill be doin some stuff to get whatever little i can get.... and one of the things i realise i need to do is to get the ssac header to sit properly on the ve motor.....port match as it could be called...... is there any advise as to how to get this header to match up with the exhaust port from the motor ???
2009-04-23 19:12:11
It depends on which version of the SSAC header you have.

The 2.5" just needs the two outer holes to be drilled out wider ~ 1/8".

The smaller primaries need to be port matched.
2009-04-23 19:48:22

if u look carefully u will see the burn mark on the exhaust flange showing how much is covered
2009-04-23 20:08:55
Just use a Dremel and grind out that part until it lines up with the gasket.

- Off topic - My yute a wah mi hear a gwaan a yard right now, like di people out fi mash up di place ova de tax dem??
2009-04-23 20:46:47
no sah. nuttin no start....dem jussa wait pon the word fi kno wha a wha......but from wha a gwaan it nuh look too propa.....mi jussa a wait fi gwaan a mi yaad

cool will try the dremel idea....but i think that there was a suggestion that o could adjust it by the bolt holes
2009-04-24 06:25:07
aff tappic:

want dem mash up di rass place. how man fi squeeze wen dem put an su much pan di fcukin fuel!

y di fcuk dem neva tax phone call r summting else.


Just line it up with the gasket and you will see where to port.

2009-04-24 08:16:49
There raising the price of the fuel tax?
2009-04-24 08:43:27
Originally Posted by THOR

if u look carefully u will see the burn mark on the exhaust flange showing how much is covered

That is not the ports being lines up wrong. That is the gasket being to big and the burn marks going where there is no gasket.

Take the gasket and line it up with the head and then line it up with the exhaust and you will see what I am saying.

If that SSAC is the one with the 2.5 inch collector section then there is no need to do anything to it.
2009-04-24 16:38:27
it is the 2.5" as prescribed by doctor.....ill take it off again and see wjats what as u said dre.... im using the stock ve gasket...not the ssac one
2009-04-24 16:43:14
As dre and others said, 2.5" SSAC ftw, I checked mine out before I put it on the VE and it lined up great, no need to port match
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