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Thread: Thinking of building a new VET

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2008-01-08 16:10:25
do it! do it!
2008-01-08 16:35:21
Originally Posted by mirrortints
Ugh! Not good news!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news
2008-01-11 15:05:56
Originally Posted by Coheed
I will be putting my current VET back together on thursday if possible. About a week and a half ago I ran the engine without oil and fried all the rod bearings causing the engine to seize.

How did this happen? Do you have an oil psi gauge? I'm not knocking you but I was just wondering if you had some type of oil line/seal failure or something?

2008-01-11 16:27:58
It was multiple failures really. Everything kinda tied in together to cause what happened. The oil return line was burned all the way through, the oil sending unit was damaged from a oil distribution block that had broken. when the block had broken the wire was torn out of the oil pressure switch. I have an oil pressure guage hooked up, but it wasn't mounted so I didn't notice what was going on until the damage was done. Also, the oil drain plug was completely missing.

So a couple of things. It makes me feel a little better that I checked to oil level 30 min before this destruction and there were no oil leaks noticable under the car.
2008-01-11 16:28:39
waiting on bearings to arrive and she is going back together. then she will have some cam gears and 17psi.
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