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Thread: Finally got some numbers

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2009-04-07 04:49:35
Finally got some numbers
Well, as many of you know, I've had some setbacks on my SE-R VE build.

First, I bought the VE that was John Almazon's backup motor with headwork by DPR.

SR20VE Motor (DPR Headwork w/ 0 miles) - SR20 Forum

I already had an N1 intake manifold that I was originally going to use on the VE that now lives in my NX.

Since John had the head off his motor, I asked him to send it to Charles. I sent Charles my N1 intake and he worked his magic.

All of the parts (including some fresh N1 cams) finally came together Monday of convention week. On Wednesday, on the 2nd dyno pull, we blew a head gasket. I scratched the car from the convention, and left it in RJ and Terrance's capable hands while I left for Savannah. Fortunately, upon disassembly it was determined that both the block and head were unharmed. Armed with a new head gasket (Thanks Greg :bigthumbup the motor was put back together, this time with Golden Eagle head studs. Everything seemed to be in good shape and we scheduled dyno time for today. Unfortunately, the guys on the dyno before us ran way over, leaving us only an hour to work with before Red Star closed for the day. We decided to leave the cam gears at 0,0 for today and work on smoothing out the cam switchover points and the adjusting the afr using an SAFC. Our initial pull today was 193 hp and 147 tq. Within our hour, we got it up to 212 and 154 by playing with switch points and afr. The Calum basic I have now has an 7900 fuel cut, at which point the graph was still climbing. I have one of Calum's Realtime ECU's on the way. When it is in, we will continue the tuning with the cam gears. All in all, it is a good start.
2009-04-07 06:48:00
Very nice numbers, Joe. The Realtime should pull a few more ponies out of your setup. It will be interesting to see how cam gear settings will help everything out. I'm thinking near 220+hp and 160tq when it's all sorted out. What #s are you shooting for?
2009-04-07 07:18:12
Those are numbers you can be proud of.
2009-04-07 07:32:54
very nice.
2009-04-07 10:47:36
Very cool man. Great #'s.
2009-04-07 13:42:31
awesome numbers man, some great things going on in the VVL world. Got some great headers now. All you guys need is a really really good set of cams.

Its busy up in this section. Everytime i look on the main page there is a crap ton of people veiwing this section while the turbo section has very little. No love for the turbo section, haha
2009-04-07 14:29:47
Awesome! keep us updated!
2009-04-07 14:55:54
Great Joe! I'm happy for you bro. You have a lot tied up in this. Lets see 220WHP!
2009-04-07 15:26:09
what program is on the basic.....
2009-04-07 15:28:43
thanks for sharing the numbers, look forward to seeing the graph
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