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Thread: B15 Vs SR16VE Vs SER Gear Box Comparison For NA

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2009-03-01 16:59:06
Originally Posted by macakin
I beleive regular SE-R Tranny, and Toyo R888 205/50/15 23in dia

Yep thats why when you made the post I was thinking thats it imposible if he had a B15 or SR16VE tranny.

You should be about 8400 RPMS or so to trap the MPH you are doing with a SER gear box.
2009-03-01 17:00:22
Originally Posted by kesi24
Does anyone know where I can get one made for a b15 tranny?I am willing to bring them the whole transmission .Looking for 5.0 fd to 5.2 fd.Its needs to work for a 24.5x9x13 tire.The rpm rev limiter is 10,200 with this tire.The car needs to go threw the traps @ 9800 rpm's the most in 4th gear .Is there anyway you can calcalate which FD i need Dre?thanks!

What is your calculated MPH do you think the car will be running.
2009-03-01 17:18:07
B15 with 5.0 FD calculated with a 23 inch tire Dia

1. 3.333--- 16.665 = 30 MPH
2. 1.955----9.775 = 53 MPH
3. 1.286----6.430 = 90 MPH
4. 0.926----4.630 = 115 MPH
5. 0.733----3.665 = 150 MPH

These MPH numbers are rought off of the top of my head but within 1 MPH or so.

I will work on a 24.5 inch tire and have it ready in 30 mins. I got to take a part of of a car that I have for parts.
2009-03-01 19:35:30
What is the sizing on b14 tires (diameter)?

I have a P11 tranny, and I get over 130mph in 4th. And I also only rev to 7500rpm. What gives?
2009-03-01 20:54:45
Originally Posted by Coheed
What is the sizing on b14 tires (diameter)?

I have a P11 tranny, and I get over 130mph in 4th. And I also only rev to 7500rpm. What gives?

What are you trying to ask, because I am trying to figure out myself what gives?

I am 100% sure it aint me who is not giving on this.
2009-03-01 23:44:28
LOL. What I mean is: why is my speed so much higher than the speed you posted? Is it tire size?

I am wondering because the dyno and my speedo both say 135-136mph at 7500rpm in 4th gear when i hit the limiter.

That is higher than it should be no? 139mph in 4th at 8Krpm? The nissan datascan confirms this as well. 96mph in 3rd when I hit the limiter. What are the chances that the dyno, and my speedo show the same speed?
2009-03-01 23:45:24
Did you not say you have a P11 Tranny.

Do you see a P11 tranny on the list.
2009-03-01 23:50:37
??? So I am guessing that the P11 has different ratios? Because my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are all the same as what you posted for the B15... And 5th gear also maxxes out at 175mph.

To answer your question, no. I don't see a p11 tranny on the list. But I was pretty sure the P11 box was the same as the B15, contrary to other's beliefs.
2009-03-01 23:52:15
The heading of this thread does not even say P11 tranny, but just for you so you feel good.

P11 tranny with 4.18 FD

1. 3.333---13.919 = 40 MPH
2. 1.955----8.164 = 67 MPH
3. 1.286----5.370 = 98 MPH
4. 0.926----3,867 = 141 MPH
5. 0.733----3.157 = 174 MPH
2009-03-01 23:52:51
That looks a lot better. Thanks Miko!
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