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Thread: my 3" exhaust w/megan oe muffler (vid-clip)

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2009-02-13 21:41:37
my 3" exhaust w/megan oe muffler (vid-clip)
just got this welded up today. used 2 90 and 2 45 deg. bends, magnaflow 5"x 20"(overall length) resonator and megan oe muffler. all 3" and all stainless. i painted the muffler flat black and left only the tip polished. surprisingly, this exhaust is slightly quieter than my 2.5" with my de, tone is lower and smoother though, that is until the switch over. on the freeway the road noise is louder than the exhaust at 70mph, keep in mind that i have no sound deadening.

sound quality on my cam is not great.
SL370321.flv video by ramos318 - Photobucket

on the dyno:
YouTube - sr20ve dyno
2009-02-13 23:37:22
Sounds nice and quiet at idle, but I'm not sure about the revving, maybe it's just the camera. How about a drive by/drive away video at wot?
2009-02-13 23:48:17
2009-02-14 00:05:56
If it's new give it a little while and see if it get louder.
2009-02-14 03:20:24
Not bad.
2009-02-14 15:35:11
sure as hell hope thats not an actual pot hole....
2009-02-15 09:50:26
Sounds great at idle. wish mine was that quiet. I have the vrs ss 3" with the magnaflow straight thru. It annoys the crap outta me. At idle i can feel it from in my house when its warming up even with the silencer in, and on the highway i have to turn my music up. hope that setup stays quiet for you. I might have to get one of those mufflers
2010-01-11 14:41:12
this is mine
MOV00805.flv video by enoehttemi - Photobucket
2010-01-11 22:38:39
heres mine on the dyno
YouTube - sr20ve dyno
2010-01-13 04:13:57
sounds alot like mine.. [youtube]cDx8PCI_IcE[/youtube]

i got the overkill 2.5" pipes with magnaflow resonator and 4x9x18 magnaflow muffler
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