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Thread: Safe max rev on SRXXVE cams

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2010-08-19 22:39:42
Try Super tec sells VE valves.
2012-06-15 08:58:55
max safe rpm on stock ve bottom end?
This thread http://www.sr20-forum.com/vvl/14455-safe-max-rev-srxxve-cams-5.html is older than 660 days so can't reply on it, but have a related question:

If springs aren't really the problem, and ramp angles on the cams are a bigger factor, then what would the max safe rpm be on stock springs for say Franklin or Kelford cams? I'm selling a set of those cams right now and a lot of people locally are asking that question. I know the NZ guys are rapping the Franklins out to way over 9000rpm on stock springs.

Also, if springs aren't needed for the average guy revving to 8k or 8.5k, then how much power are you sacrificing by going with stiffer valve springs?

I guess more importantly, adn the real question I'd like to ask is what is the max safe rpm on a stock VE bottom end?
2012-06-15 15:43:32
We revved our old ve to 10rpm twice due to missed shifts and it never blew up
2012-06-15 15:53:36
I went years reving to 9k and never a problem. Only took it apart to add sr16 pistons and fresh rings.
2012-06-15 15:56:40
Doctor G I've merged the threads. If the thread is old, you can still reply to it. You just have to make sure you want to bump and old thread and then check the check-box enabling the post.

After reading closer maybe you want this it's own thread again? Let me know if you want me to un-merge it. =/
2012-06-15 18:55:00
Thanks Ben. No worries. I think it's related enough to be combined in this post.

@ Cory that's encouraging man. Thanks. Just to be clear though, is that the 9k odd dyno run, drag pull or daily driving hitting 9k often?

Anyone want to take a stab at the stock springs + fanklin/kelford question?
2012-06-16 13:22:41
Hmm I rev my standard sr20ve cams out to just before my 8k limiter quite often...I think a lot of the Australian guys do the same, I had no idea this was not a good thing, will be shifting a little earlier from now on.
Will the valves definately float if revving stock cams to 8k? Because I have done it many many times
2012-09-01 02:52:18
Sorry if I missed it, I skimmed but didn't see a direct answer -

I'm wondering because it feels like my rev limit is set too low on my VVL.. I have N1 cams and supertech valve springs on my SR20VE. Other than that and bolt-ons it's stock internals. Whats a good guess on the maximum RPM?

I seem to hit the rev limit in 1st gear all the time and hit it in 2nd and sometimes 3rd too easily.. I think it's set about 8000rpm but it feels like it has a lot more if it could hit it.
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2012-09-01 03:14:04
8500rpm, all day. N1 cams stock springs. If you have s/r you can rev to 10k with N1 but you won't be making any power doing it.
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2012-09-01 03:41:30
Usually n1's with good bolt ons to support it will still make power to 9-9200 rpm. All day long. My buddy was revving his stock spring and retainer ve w/ n1's to 9k all day long for several years and never had a problem. His motor and head are the block and head on my car right now. The pistons had no marks from valves touching or anything. And the motor saw probably 11k+ on a couple mis shifts when he had no rev limiter doing no lift shifts to 2nd and 3rd and missed gears. Again never had issues. It pulled on the dyno all the way to 9k as well without falling off power.
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