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Thread: VVL is awesome

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2007-12-14 13:32:36

good drivers in both cars,

quarter mile run....looking stats wise (HP, Torque, etc.) on both of them, (stock)

in a stock weight B13.

(simple question) who would win?
2007-12-14 14:46:04
Ive driven both and I can honestly say that The VE posesses the Traction the DET lacks but the Turbo more than makes up for.

They will run about the same if the VE gets the holeshot but it all comes down to who the driver is.

Stock to stock the with no tweaking just VE .vs. DET the DET wins by about 20 hp.
2007-12-14 15:16:27
yea that turbo makes up for everything.
2007-12-14 16:26:09
If it were a drag race as you mention, my money would be on the turbo car.

For track, I prefer the power output and power band of the VE. It's more predictable and the hp and torque curves are flatter than a turbo (even a T25).

I've driven both too, but the turbo car was an S chassis, though.
2007-12-14 21:11:20

Flame suit on
2007-12-15 00:37:26
Originally Posted by sr20abuSE-R
yea that turbo makes up for everything.

It allways leaves me smiling but so does the VVL.

decisions , decisions.
2007-12-15 03:08:33
I was thinking about a built VE but just not sure what my goals are. I would like to see a nice match up with a S4 cammed T25 on high boost against a VE with full bolt ons. If all goes to plan and I manage to get my cams in soon, I have a buddy of mine I will harass to race me with his worked VE.
2007-12-15 03:24:52
Define a VE with full bolt ons because there are n/a VE's running in the 11's. Sure it costs a ton of money to get to that point with a N/A motor that has 1/3rd the after market support of the DE/DET. Those VE's are far and few between. Of all the members of the forum I believe there were only 2 or 3 who hit the 11's n/a with the VE.

To me, 11's n/a is awesome . Anyone know what the fastest N/A sr20de is? I heard a while back someone made it to the high 10's but never read anything about it.

Also, whats the status of the sr20ve 240sx? Any hp, tq or 1/4mile numbers on it? I remember reading about it a while ago but never caught up on what the current status is.

Id like to see an sr20vet thrown into an old datsun, i think that would be awesome.
2007-12-15 03:41:00
Did somebody say VVL & Turbo in the same sentence?

(pic is from LanceSR20's old VVL Turbo)

I believe I was #4 on the VE+T registry behind that first boosted VVL NX, SR20TurboFreak, & LanceSR20
2007-12-15 03:54:35
I am making up for going VVL on the DD with a little spray to make it sound like I have some kind of VVL but the race is a whole other story. VE+T FTW!!!!!
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