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Thread: SR20VE 4-2-1 "budget" header

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2009-04-13 22:30:21
Originally Posted by happynole
I had mine coated by Charles. The color is Satin Titanium and it looks great:

simply beautiful......
2009-04-13 23:41:08
Originally Posted by bill
This sh*t is tired.

Send me both SSAC and ASP headers set and I will put them in and have them dynoed that same day.

I am the Mother fu*kin Giney Pig lets go !!!!!!

LoL where have I heard that before.
2009-04-14 00:09:25
Oooh Bill... naughty naughty :P
2009-04-14 00:54:48
Originally Posted by DEAD
simply beautiful......

2009-04-14 01:33:29
Originally Posted by Dudeman258
This header absolutely raped my ssac. It makes a completely different sr20 experience.

Everyone quit their bit*hing about comparisons. If you can afford it pay up. If you can't too bad, but stop making nonsense posts.


2009-04-14 01:35:39
Originally Posted by donttazmebro
so why don't you front half the money for HIM to dyno test the SSAC? let's be honest at a certain point every business person realizes when someone's business (yours) isn't worth it. Dynos have been posted if you can't make up your mind, don't buy it, it won't hurt his business (ive seen the GT3 RS he has in the shop right now) and you won't have to keep coming up with excuses not to spend the money.

There are actually people on this forum that will spend their time and money dynoing the SSAC and budget header. In fact, the test has been done and the results are way more than 3whp. Once it's posted i want to see your deposit and name in the second group buy.

Unless you didn't have the money in the first place, in that case you shouldn't be posting anyway...

Is it wrong to be a wise spender?
2009-04-14 01:41:51
Originally Posted by TheRealNighthog
just say that you dont have the money...

Have you purchased one? Let me know the results if you tested it on a bolted up de? Why the hasle?
2009-04-14 01:49:29
Originally Posted by Andreas
Well if the ASP header made 3 more WHP than a SSAC I would buy it.

There are manyways at looking at this, I am looking at it from gaining the most HP, You are looking at it from the stand point that if it cost 200% more than a SSAC it should make 200% more HP. Well it does not work like that.

This is one of few guys I would listen to on this forum anyways. Why listen to anyone else? I don't care what you guys think.
2009-04-14 02:23:28
Originally Posted by Topdog781
Is this not true in the way, I do understand why they are expensive the engineering and hand made craftsmanship but If I buy a Nissan GTR I want the premium engine not the standard option that comes with all the others.

You don't live that far away, could you please pm me the number of your weed dealer, you are smoking some good stuff and I want in on it
2009-04-14 02:34:49
Originally Posted by totaled200ser
You don't live that far away, could you please pm me the number of your weed dealer, you are smoking some good stuff and I want in on it

Some drivers just end up in the (slow) lane and others the fast lane I guess.
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