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Thread: SR20VE 4-2-1 "budget" header

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2009-02-11 23:05:24
Originally Posted by snickers
I can alter the #1 cylinder runner a bit to shorten the length up about 1-2" TOPS but if you went to sell it, you are limited to those it will work for. I will see what I can do to keep that runner shorter if possible but honestly, if i take 2" out of the runner length on that one runner, it probobly wont do anything for power loss or gains just based on what I know about these motors.

If you really feel the difference is negligible, then its no big deal. I was sort of wanting it for cosmetic reasons as with no ac it might look a little tweaked. I would imagine it would be a pita to be making these all the same and have to alter your jig for that.

Sell your header...ahaha I don't think so this sucker is mine

2009-02-11 23:10:09
p.s where are the damn flanges!
2009-02-15 16:30:18
pm sent...wanna add a couple options if possible
2009-02-17 15:28:51
I should finally have everything today or tomorrow to get alllll these headers built.

I did however recieve a payment from someone with no forum name attached to the payment so I do not know who it is. If you made a payment yesterday, then you need to PM me and let me know. Otherwise your money will just sit there and nothing will happen with it.
2009-02-17 20:40:57
Snickers my echeck cleared today that I had sent for the full merge collectors. The paypal was dudeman258gmail.com.

2009-02-17 22:56:09
yeah, i got your stuff all figured out, but i got another payment from someone with an unknown name.
2009-02-18 01:05:56
I believe my last payment was sent on Sunday.
Are we good.?..I thought I included my screen name.
2009-02-18 02:10:32
Exact pricing on ceramic coating? Would price only be for primary and merge ?
2009-02-18 03:03:06
you can put me down for #30. IM sending the cash out friday. When can we expect these to start getting sent out? Not rushinf you at all. Just trying to figure out when I need to have things wrapped up with the VE so Im ready to put it on the road.
2009-02-18 05:07:29
The coating is $160, and that is just for the header and collectors. the flex joint and rear section is out of aluminized steel. I can get the rear part coated for another $60 though if you want but i wouldnt worry about it.

I just got alll the flanges in today and plenty of extra's so i'm really really hoping that I can start sending them out next week
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