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Thread: SR20VE 4-2-1 "budget" header

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2008-12-20 16:00:54
The production piece will look much better than this one. I built this just yesterday with some remaining "scrap"

This header will be a 2 piece header. Just 2 bolt flange in between the 2, not a V band. I can offer a V band for another $60 though.

I really want to be testing this on a Full Bolt on 200whp VE, N1's, Calum R/T, Fuji header and such, as well as against a SSAC. I may even try to build another and dyno a Full merge VE formed if i can.

This header should fit on any Factory SR20 car. again this will fit a DE and VE.
2008-12-20 16:08:45
^ sweet... Got an expected release date? I'm looking at late Feb to have my car done and this would be a welcome addition.
2008-12-20 16:37:58
So production hasn't started yet?

I am interested.
2008-12-20 17:39:54
income tax time
2008-12-20 19:09:26
It's great to see you back Chuck. I will send payment as soon as this group buy gets started, also interested in what the outcome will be with the other collectors you will be trying.
2008-12-20 19:43:19
Given my set up (listed in my signature), will this header be an overkill for my car?

Well I would use at least a 70mm exhaust and an 3" muffler with this.

This question is open to all members, not just the maker of the header.

2008-12-20 19:57:56
Originally Posted by snickers
So yea I have been "absent" for a bout 2 years not from both the sr20 forums but i'm back.

This will clear A/C as far as i know. I will try to double check and if anything I will modify it to clear A/C. This header will also clear the stock radiator fans.

I am not worried about beating the SSAC as that header does not have a great tuned primary length and the runners are paired incorrectly as most 4-2-1 headers are. the pipe sizes are also all wrong, AND its a cheap Chinese piece that will crack over time.

able to do a little better but i'm not sure.

But the SSAC follows similar parining pattern as the stock ve header. No?

Also what are the pipe sizes for your header?


2008-12-20 20:07:21
SSA is based on a HS Gen 5 iirc, your thinking about the Fuji which is based on standard from what I've read.
2008-12-20 20:38:26
Originally Posted by GTi
SSA is based on a HS Gen 5 iirc, your thinking about the Fuji which is based on standard from what I've read.

Stock ve header

SSAC Header

Correct me if I am wrong, but I see 1 & 4 paired and 2 & 3 paired in both headers.

2008-12-21 00:44:22
I'm in for a group buy. God to have you back Charles. I've been waiting for an opportunity like this one.
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