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Thread: SR20VE 4-2-1 "budget" header

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2009-01-15 00:44:12
I think he is going to dyno the header tonight because when i talked to him last he was at the dyno.

2009-01-15 00:45:42
Great, cant wait to see the results!
2009-01-15 00:50:35
nevermind. Good luck Chuck...lol
2009-01-15 06:13:36
Did someone say they wanted to see numbers?


Run#27 is the HS Gen 6 baseline. Run#33 is Charles' "budget" header. No, I don't have that backwards - the budget header made almost 9whp peak more, and at one point in the midrange made 15whp more. This was a slapped-together prototype!

My setup:
N1 cams, +5/-5, switching at 5000 and 5800
JWT intake on a PR short ram
Nismo AFPR
3" Magnaflow cat, 3" exhaust
Redline Shockproof Heavy
Calum RT with stock VE maps
2009-01-15 06:18:15
This is my budget 4-2-1 VS a Gen 6 Hotshot.

The header dyno'd was the one that I have posted pics of. This is WITHOUT full merge collectors. I also have a few things on it that are not what I would call "up to par" as far as production goes. The base budget headers will be better than this one so they should make more power. The full merge collector headers should make slightly more power across the board and more up top from about 7000rpm+

As I stated before, I think I know enough about the SR20VE and DE motors to build headers to make some power.

I do have 10 people for the group buy so if anyone else wants to join in, I need your deposit payment by this SATURDAY to get in on this price, otherwise the price jumps back up to normal price.
2009-01-15 06:22:20
And people wonder why we have so much faith in you

I really wasn't expecting that much of a gain over the gen6 with another 4-2-1 header, I'm amazed at the results of the prototype! Awesome job Charles.

You are using calum's basic ve tune that is based off the 16ve? Nothing has been changed? If so, those are very good numbers with that program and you will be able to see some pretty big gains with a decent tune.
2009-01-15 06:28:58
For anyone that cares. I figured I would sharpen this up a bit so it is easier to see the gains.

I highlighted the open span's on the run in RED just for clarity. That is not the actual line, as it was missing.

Good luck Snickers, I am trying my hardest to get my sh*t together before Saturday.

2009-01-15 06:35:37

That is a considerable gain, and in the right areas as well; area under the graph.

Well done for sorting this, very appreciated.
2009-01-15 06:36:05
I hope there is no tuning here, the midrange gain is massively commendable.

I'm glad I kept my mouth shut, and faith up.

2009-01-15 06:41:52
Originally Posted by Dudeman258
I hope there is no tuning here, the midrange gain is massively commendable.

I'm glad I kept my mouth shut, and faith up.


The only change between the 2 dynos other than the headers is the exhaust cam change point was raised a little and the top end was getting pretty lean to about 14:1 so I added 2 psi fuel pressure just to keep it safe

Run 26, first pull with Gen 6
Run 27, Adjust VVL cam points
Run 28, last pull with Gen 6 to verify results.
Run 29, first pull with new header ( engine cold so false numbers)
Run 30, second pull immediately after
Run 31, adjust Exhaust cam change up a few hundred RPM to 5800.
Run 32, add 2 psi fuel pressure to bring the top end A/F ratio down to 13:1ish
Run 33, verification pull
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