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Thread: Thoughts on a full race motor setup

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2008-11-25 19:17:32
Thoughts on a full race motor setup
This thread has been separated into two versions. This is the NA version, Turbo version can be found here. - Vadim

This is just an idea that me and my buddy that im doing the 2.2L build for, that will be done this weekend btw. Here is some of the ideas we had. We had been looking at some cranks that were custom made for both the K20 blocks and the H22 blocks.

So here is my idea. I would definetly talk to Brian Crower to have the parts made but my question is will they fit into the SR20VE block.

So first off SR20VE block sleeved and bored to 92mm
Use of the Mazworx full grommet headgasket would be used.

Now here is my idea. Have brian crower make a Custom 100mm stroker crank with custom rods and at least 14:1 compression 92mm pistons.

The head would be completely worked to flow around what another member got on here. around 387cfm on the intake and 280cfm on the exhaust. That flow rate is more than the K20a2 head they used on a K26 build that made 404 crank hp. So i know we would be good there. In the process it would have 1mm bigger intake valve and 2mm bigger exhaust valve. Brian crower springs and retainers would be used as well. And of course the biggest concern would be a cam. Im just thinking of having crane cams or someone here in the states do a custom grind for us. Because the plain fact is the n1 cams are not going to cut it for a motor of this size.

Now the question is will a 100mm stroke crank fit in the sr20ve block. I figure at most i will have to notch the block in places and the bottom of the cylinder walls as well. But will it work if the parts could be made. Is there enough room. I think this would be a bad as* race motor That should easily make 330whp on a low as long as a good cam can be made. What do you guys think.
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2008-11-25 19:26:02
I think your talkin madddd R&D and not to mention mad amounts of $$$.

2008-11-25 19:34:18
oh yeah i know mad amounts of $ but i mean it should be simple enough for BC to come up with a kit. Cuz as far as i know the biggest stroker kit available for the SR is a 92mm crank. But is the possibility to go bigger available with no major interferance.
2008-11-25 20:00:07
personally i would rather A 92mm crank. You are gonna want to really rev a full race ve an i just wouldn't feel comfortable reving 10k+ with a 100mm crank.

i would much rather a 92x92 2.5 litre
2008-11-25 20:03:56
Its tempting, cuz the part are there for it other than the custom set of pistons, but those would be cakewalk to have made in comparison to the crank. Thing is thats what the H26 and K26 are reving to is 9k and thats where we would limit it. Again we are going to need a bad as* cam to do so also.
2008-11-25 20:19:17
get a 16ve keep the 68mm crank, do a 92mm bore, oring the head, get charles to do his super fly head work, custom cams 13:1CR, supporting mods

you should see power to 11k rpm
2008-11-25 20:23:12
im not about the revs, im about making the most power and torque. So as big of a motor as i can make thats what i want to go for.
2008-11-25 20:42:51
well there is a reason mazworxs uses a 86mm crank on their 7 sec drag car
2008-11-25 20:48:24
Im more looking for all motor though thats the thing 14:1 or higher compression and as big as we can go. For example the couple builds that sparked this were the K26 all motor build which uses an 89.5mm bore 103mm stroke, revs to 9k made 404 crank hp and around 320ft lbs tq. There was an H26 build that used a 90mm bore 100mm stroke made 320whp and i forget the torque but it also only reved to 9k. thats all im looking for. To make serious hp with a good powerband.
2008-11-25 21:42:42
you're probably gonna have to shave the inside of the block to clear the crank
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