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Thread: Thoughts on a full race motor setup

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2011-11-05 03:34:14
Originally Posted by STRATTON
What im trying to say is it is easy.

Dayum bro lol.

Go read my post agian whats not easy about stock blocks and cranks, off the shelf parts for a proven whp range of ur choice.

And no our motors cant compare. There motors all motor run down our best turbo motors

Do I like the sr20 obviously, am I huge fan, clearly. Im just stating facts.

Men lie women lie......NUMBERS DONT LIE.


I told you numbers don't lie hehe.
2011-11-05 03:37:34
I agree, it is too easy for them. If someone cant follow some builds and copy them and make good hp then thats on them for being idiots and trying stuff that has proven less effective.

You n/a guys are on the other side of the spectrum where stuff is still being developed and improved upon. In my eyes alot more accomplished and impressive to put down close numbers again hp/liter wise as the k's. Yes it is all in all much more costly for us to do a 2.4 than a K, That point is obvious. Not gonna argue there. Not gonna argue that the K isnt a better designed motor either. Because it is. The k's still have their flaws though and again can be very finiky as well. You can watch k after k blow up after short dyno time and a couple runs down the track.

Anyways off that subject. You guys keep up the good work on your builds. It will pay off.
2011-11-05 03:58:59
Fucking Nissan killed the SR, back in 1997 I went into the Infiniti dealer and told them mother%$$ers I wanted a g20 with an sr20ve in it. If you guys check some of Miko's post youll see that he had sr20's doing shit way before Hondas dreamed of doing it before Jackson , DC and all them aftermarket Honda names showed up. Nissan killed this motor they didnt see a profit in it at the time thats what the assholes in the infiniti dealer told me and thats why they didnt give factory support to guys doing shit like Miko was. Honda took it and ran with the wind so it makes them king, after the B they got an K we get a fucking QR what a joke I would rather a big head KA.
2011-11-05 06:38:25
No offense, but can a mod clean up the last 2-3 pages of K series related crap unless it has to do with how it can help in a SR20 build??

I just simply do not see how one can compare two engines from two completely different era..........................
2011-11-05 08:07:57
This thread is all over several engine build discussions. Not just n/a, turbo, sr, k series. You name it. Its a lot of pages of a lot of info. It would be too much work to go through and clean the entire thread.
2011-11-05 09:09:49
Originally Posted by STRATTON
the k series is in a league of there own.

dont believe me go talk to bisi who just layed down 1029whp on the 9th gen civic.

read that agian 1029whp.

stop trying to make the sr20 something it will never be.


Kako Racing's SR20 makes easily in excess of 1000 WHP!

196 MPH terminals don't lie!
2011-11-05 12:52:48
I have one of those quick FWD Nissan race cars from back in the days sitting in my shop right now and it probably wasn't making as much power as my Sentra is now. But it's light as hell. With what we know today these cars should be very competitive.
2011-11-05 13:51:45
With what Mazworx started with these motors the skies is the limits, we now need to be like Honda boys and PAY to play.

I know the word PAY dont flow too well with some SR guys but for the ones who do 1xxxwhp and 13,000rpms is nothing to laugh at.
2011-11-07 17:19:47
Alright folks, it wasn't easy, but I moved and copied a ton of posts into a Turbo Version of this thread.

If you see any posts that belong in turbo, or back here, please let me know and I can move them around.
2011-11-08 23:06:03
I admit ive been out of the loop. Can someone point me to the threads or individuals that have had proven dropped sleeves with benson?

My block is sleeved by benson and it has a bit of a leak but the widely discussed reason for that was that I didn't send the oil cover with the block to get machined.

Not benson's fault

although mine isn't a daily driver im running much better with the bored vet gasket than i was with the cometic. I have the mazworx gasket and head studs sitting in the closet. waiting for the moment when i take the head off

btw im 90x86
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