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Thread: List The Diffrent RPM Activated Switches Out There

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2010-03-18 23:53:26
well how much many amps do the solenoids pull any way? i would bet if its low that would work.
2010-03-18 23:55:25
not sure what they need for a minimum..
2010-03-18 23:57:22
see heres the thing, with the summit switch, your not using the switch to power the solenoids your only using it to provide ground to activate them. then you hook the + of the solenoids to a keyed 12v source..
2010-03-19 05:22:46
im going to use the 2 shift like + 2 relays for now. Once i get access to an oscillascope im just going to make them from scratch, maybe next month
2010-03-19 05:28:13
cool let me know how that goes
2010-03-25 15:53:42
I use this made by me.

With this i can control the selenoids separately and the rpm scale goes from 500 to 8000 with increments of 500 to 500, I can share the pcb and part list if you like.
Set this via RS232 (serial) with a free software.
Originally designed to activate an additional injection system based on rpm and vaccum/boost but adding a relay and a capacitor can be used as multi switch
All pieces are in newark in one and the cost is around 40 dlls.
2010-03-25 16:38:14
its a proven fact that the shiftlight thing works, a friend of mine did that, installed the shift light to activate the solenoids and it did work... everything got done for like $20, cheap ass thing but hey it works, temporary solution
2010-03-25 19:05:33
well they should be here today, so ill get to play with em
2010-03-25 23:38:53

got them today, it has the same LM2917 chip i was going to use to build my own ones
2010-03-27 05:02:36
Originally Posted by rmyc

got them today, it has the same LM2917 chip i was going to use to build my own ones

Interesting, can you share one pic to bottom side to try made the schematic?
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