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Thread: VE ecu tuning

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2007-12-24 01:11:46
VE ecu tuning
Hi guys

Im in the process of tuning my sr16ve N1 ecu (daughterboard). I have the fuel and timing map addresses and the speedlimiter and misc limiters.

I just need to find out how to adjust the rev limit. I dont know if it uses the usual hex location (cant find it) or weather its split up and then you multiply it or something like that?

So if anybody has done any type of ve ecu with a daughterboard id love to hear from you.

2007-12-24 01:17:03
Yea, I have been trying to figure this out as well. I have read the entire forum over at sr20forum on ecu's, and no one directly goes over what you need to change the numbers too. I assume it is in hex, but after converting it to dec, i still get a number that makes no sense? Calum is on vacation, maybe someone else will grace us with a proper number/calculation

Many have said they don't get it, then someone explains it to them, but they don't bother posting up what in fact it was they did...

go easy on us guys..

2007-12-24 01:32:12
Do you use a program like romeditor to view the .bin file?

If not that will make your life alot easier.
2007-12-24 02:46:15
Yea I'm using TunerPro RT, which Calum suggests as a favorite for "homeowner" use

He has a xdf. file that already as most of the important addresses already labeled and ready for modification.

You probably already know this but my rev limiter is at 005C.

I have two tunes, one is what i will use when i install my N1 cams, the other, what I am running now.

My N1 has rev limiter set to "FFFE" which I am assuming is infiniti by the B13 ecu standards.

My current program is set to: "280"....which in dec is 640.....Now Calum says he sets it to 8k usually so is this 8k rev limit?

Dunno Chief, any thoughts?

2007-12-24 03:04:44
Yeah, i looked that program over ages ago but i havent seen calums latest address file so ill have to check it out. Where do i download it?

Yours is like a p11 primera program.... I dont know which mine is yet. Looks like its a mix probably rev limiter like a p11 and the rest like an s15NA but slightly different addresses.

hex 0280 = 640 x 12.5 = 8000rpm

So where is the (02 80) located in your addresses? In two locations next to each other?? Or two locations spread apart??

02 80 is in hex but i need the locations of where they were found....

On a p11 02 is found at hex 805C and 80 is found at hex 085D
2007-12-24 03:30:13

So did you just come up with that conversion actor on your own?

I did the same thing...ie:

640 x X = 8000 8000/640 = 12.5

But does that work for all rpm? guess the only way to tell now is try it?

Its raining outside or else I would go try it...

X x 12.5 = 7500

= 600 dec = 258 hex

Yea here is a link to the newest xdf file for the B13 ecu...


2007-12-24 03:39:18
Nah i didnt come up with that i came across it on a japanese website and it took me frikin ages to understand what they were saying LOL.

See the problem for me here is your using a b13 ecu with a sr20ve program on it?

My ecu is layed out quite different to a b13 and its not like a b14 either after just looking at calums b14 address for tunerrt......

The layout of addresses for my binary is like s15na addresses except for the rev limiter.... i just need to figure it out.
2007-12-24 03:47:11
Hmm, yea I understand your problem now, no one has mapped out the sr16ve ecu yet...

Yea I have my B13 ecu with the realtime, and its got one of the ve tunes on it.

I was under the impression Calum actually used the sr16ve timing maps because they seemed to work better.

Ok. Well now that I know the conversion factor maybe thats my ticket to changing my rev cut....

I still don't quite understand how you mentioned they are in two different places? Or is that specific to your ecu you think? Can you set it up like I have? Maybe I can give it a try tomorrow and get back to you if that is the correct way to change it? I figure its only rev cut..hitting it a few times can't hurt and if it is set wrong its not going to hurt the motor...maybe I will set it to like 7 to check it so it wont be harsh on my valvetrain. I wish I knew how bad it was, because I know allot of Honda guys who do it every day and don't have problems with their valvetrain...but thats a whole new thread .

2007-12-24 04:19:34
On the p11 ecu the hex value 02 and 80 are found in the seperate locations 805C and 085D These are two quite far apart locations in the binary.

I dont know how much you've looked at binarys with a hex viewer but you may understand what im saying if you do.

Personally i like hexworkshop (hexeditor). Its great for my gtir as its programmed odd and even for the eproms, hexworkshop makes things a little easier for me.

Im not sure what they've done on my ecu but i suspect it might be split apart.... So iv been looking into that with hexworkshop but i havent tried anything to test my theories yet.

On a sr20ve the sr16ve timing maps are more aggressive yet apparently not enough to ping the engine.
To my knowledge calum has taken the fuel,timing, etc.. values from the sr16ve maps and put them in a standard b13/b14 program... someone correct me if im wrong.
2007-12-24 08:14:09
There are some guys that tune ve ecus, even N1.

hex1c64 is rev1

hex1c5c is rev2
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