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Thread: My VE/B13 blogger *Videos Page 9*

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2008-11-06 19:39:13
My VE/B13 blogger *Videos Page 9*

Soon I will be swapping a VE into the B13 to crush the track a little harder next time. I wanted to document the parts and swapping progress for everyone so that is the purpose of this thread.

The transplant recipient

N1 cams

BC retainers

BC springs


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2008-11-06 19:39:34

The wheel bunny brought these for me today :biggthumpup:

2008-11-06 19:40:27
My first B13 - VE / B13 Blogger, TONS OF PICTURES!

Got bored Friday night so Mark and I decided to start on the VE swap. Almost have the VE back in all the way as of earlier this afternoon but missing some gaskets. I decided to run the car without installing the cams/springs/retainers yet. I am going to try to get the car dyno'd in stock form and then once the cams/springs/retainers are in for comparison.

SR20DET running NA about to be removed for a much more suitable power plant for my application.

THe almighty SR20VE. COrrect me if I am wrong.. It produces 190 PS (139 kW) @7000 rpm and 144 ft·lbf (196 Nm) @6000 rpm

STock harness isn't long enough for the IACV plug to reach on the SR20VE intake manifold so all you have to do is open up the loom and pull more wires out and solder in the SR20VE IACV plug.

SR20VE oil filter location gets in the way of the power steering line so you have to notch out the power steering bracket slightly in order to angle the line away from the oil filter.

Unorthodox water pump pulley installed. I retained the VE power steering pump as it appears it will work just fine and looks to be much higher quality than the one on the det I just pulled.

This is the biggest header I have ever seen ahah

Ground wires to intake manifold looked like they would be too short.

The wire master has extended the ground wires.

Fidanza flywheel, I am thinking 11lbs.

Clutchnet clutch with plenty of life left.

Transmission in place and all bolted up. No modification required to bolt it up to the VE.

As you can see there are 3 different brackets for teh motor mount on the passenger side.

VE IS IN woot!
2008-11-06 19:40:52

Grilling up a hot pocket before we start working on the car again.

Had to pull the exhaust apart to get it on the VE. As you can see the gasket that was on it was blocking the exhaust gas flow.

Couldn't find the gasket for this header anywhere so I made my own out of a Subaru header gasket.

Power steering line hits the oil filter so you have to notch out the stock bracket quite a bit. I took off about 1/4" of metal when notching it out.

Header all installed along with the lower arm bar thingy.
2008-11-06 19:42:25


Running the stock VE crank pulley because there is much controversy about running lightened pulleys with a 4CW

crank. Had to throw this belt on, is a little too long but will work.

In order to hook up the heater hose under the throttle body you have to get a 5/8" to 3/4" hose adapter which I

purchased at Checker.

Heater hose in the rear is pretty close to a straight shot from the firewall to the bung under the intake

manifold. I did have to purchase 3/4" heater hose.

You can see the adapter for the heater hose hiding behind the wires.

Modified the stock brake booster line to work on the VE.

Mark cut the entire lower leg off of the stock B13 distributor in order to make it fit.

Mark made a customer brake for the external coil that the B13 distributor has. Mark is a pro at fabrication


HERE SHE IS. SO far she idles really well but running on a stock DE maf and a DE ECU. Awaiting CALUMS

new ecu.

2008-11-06 19:47:43
I should have done this with my build

I finish Saturday
2008-11-06 19:48:08

Had a slight miss in the car tonight, was very random. Changed the plugs out and one didn't even have a gap which explains the slight miss. Put new plugs in and gapped them at .035 for now since I don't know what is best for the VE.

Did a compression check while changing the plugs out.....

210 215 211 220

I am super stoked to see those numbers. STarted the car back up and she purs even better than before. :biggthumpup:
2008-11-06 19:49:44
Originally Posted by SUNNYboi
I should have done this with my build

I finish Saturday

Yea where are your pictures

HAHA make sure you post up some dyno sheets when you get done for everyone
2008-11-06 19:52:40
Sick! Looking good so far. I say fu*k it throw in the N1's, retainers, and springs...it's not that big of a diff.

Love the garage setup. I have the same nico poster on my wall

2008-11-06 19:54:31
Originally Posted by HP10T
Yea where are your pictures

HAHA make sure you post up some dyno sheets when you get done for everyone

Ill take some pics today when I go clean my engine bay.
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