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Thread: Cam Swtich over points on the VE...

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2008-10-30 22:21:02
5300in/5700ex w/n1's here. it really helps smooth the powerband doing them separately. "no dips is good". of course, it's a smaller kick for each than it would be together, but this way i don't hit the noisy blast of the exhaust cam every time i need a little kick
2008-10-30 22:33:57
i thought the noisy blast was a good thing
2011-10-25 14:20:36
Originally Posted by speedyd718
single msd 8969 here too. switching at 5400.

Originally Posted by HKS
exhaust 5400

intake 6800 ive seen that on an N1 but the guy was reving to 11k

remeber the higher the rpm it turns on the better.

i have both mine turning on @ 5400

get the msd box wang wang. its alot better.

^I'm going to try 5400 this weekend and see how I like it. I have N1's and a budget header with both cams currently activating at 5000. I'm guessing that I'm a few 100's to low right now.

Originally Posted by BORNGEARHEAD
My N-1 cams made best power at 5900rpm switchover.

^Did you have a 4-1 header switching that high?
2011-10-25 14:27:51
My n1s liked 6200 before the intake manifold went on.
2011-10-25 15:54:07
I have the input of both a 4500 rpm
2011-10-25 17:46:39
I tried kicking my 20VE's on at 4500, loud and obnoxious . Moved it up to 5600 and now it seems a good bit quieter. Though my SSAC is pushing the exhaust against a heat shield, thus when high cams kicked on it would also rattle the whole exhaust
2011-10-25 18:34:45
sr20ve cams i pop them together at 4500 rpm
sr16ve n1 cams i pop them together at 5500 rpm
2011-10-25 19:02:55
Originally Posted by cory
My n1s liked 6200 before the intake manifold went on.

^Cory, what were you revving out to then and were you on sr16 pistons/HC?
2011-10-25 19:07:10
(3yr old thread)
2011-10-25 19:18:54
It's a lot better than the noobs starting a new thread asking the same question.
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