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Thread: Lets talk cam options..

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2007-12-23 00:44:58
Originally Posted by Andreas
I am running stock valves intake and exhaust. But I did a few things I have learned from some Nissan development papers I was reading. Which they gained big power by increasing the throat and keeping the valves stock.

Keeping stock valves will actually make them flow great as the valves will be deshrowded from the cylinder walls since we have gone from 86-90mm. If you go to large with the valves you can actually bring the flow down as as the walls will hurt the aior flow.

This was the concept that Nissan did with the N! head where they went with bigger cams but used smaller valves to increas flow. They found that the same size valves as the standard SR16 actually lost HP in the 86 mm bore motor.

Right ,see Im no pro but he said not to get bigger than +1mm.I never knew that ill read up somemore abut that.
2007-12-23 00:50:21
If you have spoken to them before and they are willing to do something then I am willing to invest into getting this done with shipping my 2 sets of cams as samples to start from.

How high do you plan to rev or want to rev with this motor you are building Kesi.

I will be taking mine to 8000 RPMs with a max of 8500 RPMs for racing.

What I am looking for is a cam that is speced of of the SR16VE cams that gives the same curve s the N1 cam in a N1 motor. So what I need to do is how this will translate to cam lift and duration in a 2.3L.

I have some figures already that I came up with and the guys at Crane made adjustments to my specs.

I have 3 grinds speced out that are from mild to wild. I will be building a new one of these motors at 13 to1 compression 92 mm Jun crank and 92mm pistons. The second future motor will be oringed so a 90 mm gasket will work as I will just bore it out to fit the bore.

It will be a 2.44 or so.
2007-12-23 15:44:22
All this NA talk is getting me all worked up again

I am so undecided on what to do with my car. Until I figure this out it will sit.
2007-12-23 17:52:01
you know the turbo game is calling you back !!

but yeah id love to see some good ve cams built, i been thinking of a n/a build for a while now, would make a nice lil street/daily car.

2007-12-23 23:22:27
I want the car to rev to 9K rpm's and peak 7.5 to 8k. How much is a jun 92mm crank?I can't find where to buy just the crank.I know where to get tomei's 91mm crank.I dont mind doing 92mm bore but I stick to 90mm its safer (I dont want to blow up) .92x92 is my dream but the gasket is my issue lol
2007-12-23 23:28:06
I haven't done any custom grinds with Kelford, but I worked with them to get the right cams for a 4age 20v Blacktop with a 4-1 header. They were very helpful in the ordering process, and seemed very knowledgeable about their products. Something that was interesting to me, is it seems like there is 1 person answering phones, and then the people doing all the work out back. When I called I got who was leading the team out back in about 30 seconds.

My $0.02 about them anyway..
2007-12-23 23:31:34
Well anyways I think I can make about 250-260 whp and run 11.8-12.0 with N1's with that setup.I guess ill start and worry about cams later down the line.
2007-12-23 23:50:55
I can see my newly bought N1's decreasing in value every minute

If we could get some more easy hp out of a set of cams, that would be amazing. Too bad I don't have 2.2l

2007-12-24 00:36:19
100% no cams in this talk will fit a stock VE motor. Neither will any of these cams work on a 2L VE motor.

These cams are going to be designed with 2.3-2.4 L motors in mind. So if you dont have a oversized motor there is no need to be happy. Not even a 90mm piston x 86mm crank will like these cams. The cams are going to designed around a bigger crank where loss of some mid range is not an problem as it is on a large crank motor.

I will be trying to give a little and take a little.

Just a question for Kesi, what ever happened to the Franklin cams you guys were trying. I thought you guys were having good results with them.
2007-12-24 01:05:50
Time to invest in a really big drill bit then....

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