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Thread: How to: Wire up your MSD RPM activated switch for your VVL

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2013-10-01 11:34:20
Yeah but from what I heard its pointless because the gains are minimum.
2013-10-02 05:01:32
Nissan designed the VE from the factory to switch the cams over independently for a smoother more linear power increase. It's not really worth the cost IMHO.
2013-10-02 11:57:24
Originally Posted by LukaMcCloud
Nissan designed the VE from the factory to switch the cams over independently for a smoother more linear power increase. It's not really worth the cost IMHO.

If they switch independently, then wouldn't it be advantageous to do the same with two switches? Any one know the delta between both intake and exhaust cam switchover points and which is first? Just trying to learn, still a VE noob, lol.
2013-11-15 15:23:42
There are no power or fuel efficiency increases. They switched them independently, like I already said, for a smooth linear power gain. In other words so you don't notice them engage.

We are tuner car fanboys and want to notice that shit, so quit worrying about switching your cams at different points, go Honda on that shit and switch them both at 5000. Lol oh wait, I might start a bickering war with that one lol. Everyone has different opinions on what you should set your cams to. Some people have dyno proven results on what the best cam activation point is. Dyno results never, to my knowledge, proved to be beneficial for anything other than smooth power.

Iirc Intake switches at 5200 and exhaust at 5600 or 5800 on OEM setup SR20VE cars.
2014-05-19 08:17:13
Question about the MSD8989 box itself - when I turn my accessories or motor on, it cycles through, says what RPM its set at, how many cylinders (4) and then it says 120. Whats the 120 for? It can be moved up to 150 or 100 I think, it's always been left at 120 for a second then turns to displaying the current idle speed of the motor, it only comes on once when the MSD switch is first turned on.

I never bothered to adjust it until tonight, but its too late or early to start the motor and see what it does
Last edited by Storm88000 on 2014-05-19 at 08-19-46.
2014-06-29 23:09:39
I finished my sr20ve swap from my sr20de in my 97 200sx and I have my switch hooked up like LukaMcCloud said in the first post.(but I have my rev wire ran to my distributor). The tach works. It all works good when I get to the set (5100) rev on my box. The only problem I'm having is it will periodically switch on when it is idling .
Has anyone else had this problem. I'm looking for a solution.
2014-06-29 23:12:44
I have the jegs 40822 activation switch
2017-02-12 23:40:22
HI bringing this back from the dead , i want a clear solid answer to the question that never got answer, i want to wire the msd pill from a 12v source that when the car is off the pill is off as well, there's gotta be a wire inside the bay VS running it all the way to my ignition switch any solid imput will be greatly appreciated, got new battery & new alternator but i have viper alarm + the pill always on i think its draining the juice from the battery in this cold colorado weather, thanks
2017-02-13 03:40:39
Any input?
2017-02-13 20:13:59
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