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Thread: How to: Wire up your MSD RPM activated switch for your VVL

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2009-10-20 00:27:26
How to: Wire up your MSD RPM activated switch for your VVL
I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY MISTAKES, OR FAILURES IN ATTEMPTING THIS. YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. Take your time and do it right the first time to avoid any problems.

I'm going to show you how to wire up your MSD RPM activated switch to your VVL solenoids. I used the MSD 8950 because I'm a broke b*tch and it was only $30. As far as I know they are all the same as far as wiring goes.

From the MSD box:
RED - Power
YELLOW - Cam activation (either set of cam wires)
BLACK - Ground
White - RPM signal wire (#3 wire light blue with orange stripe in the ECU plug)
GRAY - not used

From your cams:
There should be two brown wires, one per solenoid. Run those together.
Run the other two wires together.
Decide which set you want to be power and which set ground. The solenoids have no polarity, so it does not matter which.
One pair - YELLOW MSD
Other pair - run withRED MSD to power source

Now for some pictures. You can mount yours wherever you'd like, but this is how I did mine.

Run the white MSD wire into the passenger compartment and splice it into #3 light blue with orange stripe wire on the ECU plug. The wire in my hand with the black wire already soldered into it.

2009-10-24 06:43:23
Edited and updated
2009-10-26 17:23:30
2009-10-26 19:26:49
2009-10-26 21:02:27
I cant see pics.
2009-10-28 17:55:28
Originally Posted by jagy
I cant see pics.

Pics are working.
2009-10-30 17:56:55

I heard i needed a relay to be able to get it to work
2009-10-30 23:40:54
I read that in the original thread on the old forum from 2002. I've been reading recently and nowhere did I read that a relay was necessary. I don't have a problem with mine. The relay will just make it so the power only goes to the switch when the ignition is on. I didn't feel like tracing down a switched power wire, although I could have just gone off of the distributor or something. I did it this way and it works fine. No problems.
2009-10-31 10:43:13
Great job Luk.
2009-10-31 17:43:40
Thanks, buddy.

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