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Thread: How to install Cams and Springs and/or Retainers in the VE

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2010-08-21 02:00:18
Quick question, the rocker arm shaft, do the oil holes go all the way through, towards the front and back of the car, or can you put it in wrong and starve the rockers of oil? Please help!! In other words do both the oil holes face the center of the engine (spark plugs)? Can you put the shaft in backwards? I forgot to check that when I got the head back from the machine shop.....and its all together...
2010-08-21 06:06:04
yes, you can put them in wrong and the big lobes won't activate and possibly lose some oil pressure.
2011-04-15 11:09:41
i'm running a hybrid (roller rocker block with a ve head). is there a bottom sprocket on the rr block or do i need to be concerned about the chain dropping? i'm asking because there is only room for a wedge on the intake side because of the chain guide.

any suggestions?
2011-05-14 01:07:23
i'm replacing the valve seals on mine. only the exhaust side was leaking a lil. got the exhasut side done but i can't get the intake sides set screw loose. any ideas? the 5mm barely fit like 5 was too small but 6 was too big.
2011-05-14 03:02:53
You gotta be really careful with that bolt. I've had to hammer the allen socket into it to be sure it's in deep. If you round it, it will be a bummer. Filing a groove for a straighthead is NOT what you want to have to do.
2011-05-14 15:14:51
i tried using a screw driver to turn it with no luck. i'ma get a bolt extracter today and try that if not i'm not going to worry about it cause the exhaust side was the one that was leaking anyway.
2011-05-14 16:50:52
this is a damn good write up and when i get my n1's, i feel confidant that i can change em out myself with minimal problems. thanks greg =)

btw can we get a sticky?
2011-05-15 00:14:26
all that screwing around and the bolt came out with ease with an easy out.

So if you strip the screw be sure to get a square style easy out and it will work perfect!
2012-06-03 06:08:18
Bump this up cause I'm in a jam and desperately need help. I was disassembling my VE head today had my shims organized and then got them all mixed up so now I don't know what goes where? I searched both forums and google trying to find a write-up or something that shows how to measure to determine what shim came from where and goes where but I could'nt find shit. Somebody point me in the right direction please.
2013-05-20 10:55:42
hi, do you have to remove the rocker shaft to do the springs? can you fold them out of the way? only reason i ask is that my engine is in a rwd car. so i need to remove engine to pull the shafts out. i guess it would be harder to leave them there. but just wondering if it is possible.
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