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Thread: T2 Ramhorn Manifold

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2014-08-12 04:14:49
Originally Posted by enohand
if you need a tester...ill swap out my Gtir Mani for this on my p10 in a heartbeat!

Thanks Eno...if I cant get r done soon, I'll take you up on your offer.

Making a little more progress...started off by redoing the screamer pipe for stock cross member clearance

Weld shot of the slip fit joint. Used .040" dia tungsten with .035" dia filler

Temporarily bolted the manifold, GTiR turbo, and Jpipe to the car...clearance looks good

Used a couple of old Nissan parts and modded the wastegate actuator to fit

The car has been sitting in the garage for a couple of years, so I figured it needed a start up Runs ok for a dead batt, old gas, and no IAC.

I have a lot of ideas for the car and will start a thread for the rest of the car build, stay tuned!
2014-08-19 14:44:16
This is by far the baddest sentra that has ever came out of AZ and no one knows about it! But they gon learn.
2014-08-20 02:31:32
thanks man
2014-09-02 00:27:08
And another one...Had this idea for a stock location GTiR turbo manifold floating around my head for a while, so I threw this concept together last week in Solidworks. This one is a little different than the thin wall small dia. long runner manifold in recent pics. It's based on 1.25 schedule 40 stainless weld els with both large and short center line radii. It looks like it will be easier to fabricate not including the collector...might be another option

2016-01-08 21:49:48
I have seen few T2 concept but this one by far would of been a sick one...
2016-06-02 05:50:31
Any updates on this t2 ramhorn

- - - Updated - - -

Any updates on this t2 ramhorn

- - - Updated - - -

Any updates on this t2 ramhorn
2016-06-22 04:11:01
Nope, I have mothballed this project due to lack of time
2016-08-30 05:29:21
Just sniffing around this thread as i'm also looking for a nice manifold to replace the stock GTiR manifold but keep the stock location so I can use my T28 VRS downpipe still =P
2016-09-13 03:00:34
Unfortunately, I still haven't been able to spend any time on this
2017-03-21 22:47:50
Still no time ? im really just waiting for you to come up with something, specially cause im local to you hahahaha ..
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