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Thread: T2 Ramhorn Manifold

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2013-06-30 03:39:43
Originally Posted by rojeda1217
Manifold looks mint javier.excellent work.does that gtir prototype clear thermostat housing?

Thanks and it does clear the thermostat housing along with the crankcase breather port.

I made a little bit of progess on the prototype manifold

I have started to my own dies to swage the tubing transitions going from the exhaust port to runner primaries. I still need to heat treat them but initial tests show that they are working great! This is a 30° transition taper turned from 4340.

These are the proto mani primary transitions fully welded

I'll have more progress updates posted soon
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2013-07-02 02:53:08
Progress from Sunday funday...I finalized position of the double slip fit collector and turbine flange transition. It's starting to look like a real manifold

I'll post more progress pics next weekend.
2013-07-02 12:56:08
Do we have any idea on a price for this yet?
2013-07-02 14:02:53
Originally Posted by javierb14
Originally Posted by qwkse-r

Let me know man I'm really interested...I would love to pay a fellow forum guy than someone else...also can you put a 38mm ext gate on the side of where the alternator is for me...I'm mounting alternator in back....lmk know what the cost will be...I got a local shop quoting me $700 start to finish for a external gated t2 ramhorn..this is there work
Honda Turbo Manifolds B18A B18C B16A B20B Top Mount Ram Horn Forward Facing Street Strip Full Race

Will do. The target price for this manifold is going to be between $800-$1000 for the stock location GTiR turbo position with the heim jointed bracing. Adding an external wastegate will up the price and I would need to figure out what it would take to design that in to the manifold.

$700 is pretty good for a custom manifold...I'm assuming it will be fabbed from thick wall pipe, so you shouldn't have any problems with longevity if it is built correctly.

Originally Posted by LikeTheMovies
Do we have any idea on a price for this yet?

2013-07-02 14:14:13
double post
2013-07-25 02:36:04
Some progress on the manifold...it's almost done, just waiting on a 1/2 in. thick head flange to be machined/delivered.

Final runner design

Exhaust port transitions turned out ok

Starting to finish weld it up and build the fitment fixtures

2013-07-25 17:16:35
Damn that manifold looks fucking mint and is definately a one of a kind I cant wait to see this finished up bro.
2013-08-06 14:28:53
facebook gets update a whole week before the forum!! lol :P looking great Javier!
2013-11-28 05:11:44
So what happened with this?
2013-11-29 00:18:54
javier is mia. tried contacting him several months ago for a manifold. Got no response to email, pm, or facebook message.
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