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Thread: Aftermarket seat brackets

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2012-06-10 19:46:47
P10 non touring both pass and driver rail and sliders are just bolted on the bottom. Four bolts and one for seat belt and they come off. Shave off seat belt tab and there u go bracket and slider. Nice and flat surface. They are perfect for slide mount seat. Bottom mount u would have to weld on some crossbars.

first remove your seat. 4x 14mm bolts 2 front two rear
move seat to your work area

now remove p10 seat rail 5x 12mm bolts four located underneath one near seat belt clip also remove the seat belt clip 14mm bolt just slide the rails back and fourth to find them.

there you go

now drill out this guy

p10 rails prepped and ready.....now put aside

on p10 rails

P11 suck stock rails are a whole different story outter rail is perfect inside rails sit higher. And slider mech is different not flat.
Sorry no pics of p11 stock rails.

I sold dema the sparco seat with slider and custom bracket. The bracket is solid can be used for sidemount just by removing cross bars. The bracket also works with aftermarket sliders. Its only for drivers side but is perfect to make copies of. I also just got some recaros and now need bracket for driver and pass for p11. Get with dema as he has a braxket made and its quite simple just thick steel and welds. Shouldnt be hard to make or copy.
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2012-06-11 00:48:04
I do
2012-06-13 03:54:50
Send the bracket over and I'll reverse engineer it for you guys!

What type of Recaro seat did you get? If I can get my hands on the interconnecting drawing (geometry/bolt pattern) for the seat mounts I can mock something up in my P11...it's collecting dust right now

I would need something like this for the seat mounting dimensions

Let me know and I'll ask Recaro if they have these drawings available.
2012-10-10 20:26:24

i would liek to know aqbout brackets 2.

i have some Evo8 seats for my p10, the p10 rails are about .5" off if you split the difference between the left & right side, or about 1" off if you favor 1 side over the other.

not sure yet on the holes to mount the sliders yet, since i havent taken the Wedge Engineering seat brackets off the Recaros yet
2012-10-10 23:11:37
PM sent with Idea
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