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Thread: why does honda get's the good stuff?

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2011-07-28 15:45:46
why does honda get's the good stuff?
S2000 Priority One! Turbo Manifold|TurboFX

I want one for the SR!
2011-07-29 01:49:53
It's a design we are considering for the fwd SR! It would be AC compatible, fit large downpipes, and feature a waste gate priority design for awesome for awesome boost control. It's been done before and does work well.

FMax tubular "sidewinder" SR20 mani
2011-07-29 01:56:10
cause they're willing to pay for it!
2011-07-31 23:54:06
just a heads up, we are building a setup for a S2000 customer this week. I'll add some pics of the build along with dyno graphs along the way....he' shooting for over 500whp!
2011-08-01 00:31:10
lol because they pay and they are more willing to try new things instead of replicating what some one does over and over again
2011-08-01 00:43:39
for $750, i bet a hand full of Sr guys would get it.
2011-08-06 23:32:16
Originally Posted by Keo
for $750, i bet a hand full of Sr guys would get it.

Tested out the semi priority waste gate design on the dyno yesterday. It holds 6.5 psi on a 5 psi waste gate spring, boost curve is nice and flat too

S2000 Turbo Manifold Testing - YouTube
2011-08-07 13:28:56
would this have reliability issue? I mean with tube lengths like this would it start to crack at the welds by the flanges? Just a thought coz a friends had something like this and it cracked after a while, some switched to log style manifolds, and some just build brackets for it.
2011-08-07 21:30:13
1- honda guys are not cheap
2- every asshole has a civic
2011-08-07 22:06:38
^^^^ The funny part about it, $750 is actually REALLY cheap!! But ofcourse, as usual, people on here will bitch about the prices (although, if they just took a few mins to look around, anything of this quality and workmanship will not be less than $1200............)

This thing looks awesome!!

P.S. I got your email about the radiator. I will be keeping in touch soon once I figure out my phantom rev limit issue
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