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Thread: Adjustable B13 Rear LCAs, gauging interest.

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2013-05-24 04:36:10
Re: Adjustable B13 Rear LCAs, gauging interest.
Originally Posted by javierb14
Originally Posted by coach
One aluminum set is mine. Can you send PayPal info to me?

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Originally Posted by sr-10nna
other aluminum set is mine, please send pay pal info

Can you guys PM or email me with the following info:
-Shipping address (needs to be same as paypal verified address)
-email address (if PMing)
-phone number

Once I have that, I can send over invoices for the paypal payments.

BTW, there is one more set of Aluminum arms up for grabs at the convention raffle


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2013-05-25 02:22:47
Originally Posted by enohand
any p10 ones?

I'll be picking up the chromoly at the end of next week. I couldn't source any locally and had to have it freighted in from LA. Next weekend is the earliest I would be able to start building them.

Originally Posted by coach


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Invoices sent. I'll box up both sets of Aluminum arms tonight and get them ready to ship.
2013-05-25 03:53:08
cpool lmk
2013-05-26 00:30:50
Payment sent, thanks Javier.

2013-05-28 04:35:58
I've had a few enquiries about the "one off" plated steel B13 rear lcas machined from hex stock. Here are a few pics of them. These are heavier than the chromoly and aluminum version but offer the same adjustability and are just as strong.

2013-06-13 03:56:56
This is the last set of GTiR rear lateral links in stock that were made during the previous "production run". They are $315 and up for grabs....any takers?
2013-06-19 04:15:34
The chromoly tubing is finally in and it's time to gear up for another run of rear control arms/lateral links. I started machining the other parts for the arms/links a couple of weeks ago and though yall would enjoy the some of the "in process" pics

Here's how I machine the 4130 weld on wrench hex adapters

Gather a few tools

Cut some stock down, chuck and true it up in the lathe, and start a pilot hole

Drill the initial bore

Bump up the drill dia. and open the bore a little bit more

Bump it up again and open it up some more

Now that the drilling is done, it is time to cut the ID with the boring bar

Double check the ID and send the boring bar in for a finish pass

Test fit

The next steps are to section the parts in the bandsaw to .250 in. wide hexes and prep them for welding.

Let me know if yall want to see more fab pics like this and I'll bring the camera with me when I'm in the shop!
2013-06-19 13:09:30
MOar Moar Moar!!!

This is super neat, thanks for bringing it back to us!
2013-06-25 05:17:26
And here is some moar! The pics you are about to see and the pics you saw above are the in process pics for a set of G20 (p10) rear lateral links for a fellow -'er.

After final machining on the lathe, the weld on hex adapters are cut to length on the bandsaw.

Deburred, degreased, and ready to TIG.

Here we have the weld on threaded tube adapter in the finish machining pass

Here's a shot of the chromoly tubing that I picked up last Fri before heading into the day job

After the tubing was cut to length on the bandsaw, the edges were chamfered to match the threaded weld on tube adapter. Done right, this makes for a very strong weld joint.

The fitment between the tube chamfer and the threaded weld on tube adapter chamfer

Ok, the lathe work is done...time to move to the mill. Going forward, I will be adding plug welds to all the control arm builds. The plug weld is an additional weld that joins the weld on threaded adapter to the tube via a thru hole. This is a safety feature that adds margin to the parts strength. It requires additional labor, but the price will stay the same.

Drilling a plug weld thru hole in a chromoly tube step 1, mill a flat surface to work from.

Now that we have a workable surface, spot drill the hole

Now we have a hole location that we can drill thru

Look a hole! Let's chamfer it for a better TIG weld.

Rinse and repeat for each link

Next step is to prep everything for TIG welding while double checking fitment

If everything is go, then the parts are tacked and ready for a burn session

TIG, TIG, and more TIG

Almost done, 1 more link left to weld

All done, time for a beer

2013-06-27 13:59:57
You need my money....and then I need your rear LCA.....awesome. Thank you for posting them.
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