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Thread: SR20 Turbo 02 Housing R&D

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2012-02-25 05:38:25
Originally Posted by crash
Hi I'm interested in one of your turbo outlet and downpipe setups. I like the screamer version but was curious if this would make tuning more difficult (since some of the exhaust stream gets routed outside the O2 sensor)? Also would it be a cheaper option if you could do a outlet/downpipe as one unit? This would eliminate the flange in the engine bay. Please let me know and also what is the lead time from order placement?

Thanks. Tuning should be the same compared to a recirculated or bellmouth version exhaust elbow. Exhaust flow through the manifold, wastegate bypass, turbine housing, and immediate exhaust will have similar A/F ratios. A good conservative tune will work just fine

I have thought about combining the two exhausts into one piece and it can be done...the only downside would be ease of installation...it would be tough!

Lead time varies on workload. However, payment is only due when the parts are ready to ship!

Originally Posted by Madtec
cant wait...

2012-03-09 21:25:00
Are you guys still making these?
2012-03-10 03:14:29
sure are, they are made to order! I replied to your email a few min. ago
2012-03-27 10:32:02
Will this work with a VRS 3" dp? W10 turdblow , screamer pipe with a O2 sensor bung
2012-03-27 15:04:33
2012-03-27 23:58:54
Another part to my wish list! Reminds me of the one motoiq made for their p10 except the wastegate exhast piping went way further down the line
2012-03-28 09:17:37
Hi, I rather ask that to make the wrong desition:

My engine is a Avenir W10 that has a GT2860RS turbo reusing the stock T25 O2 housing. I just upgraded the stock manifold for this one:

ab88 Autobahn 88 Pulsar GTiR RNN14 SR20DET Exhaust Manifold Header

And it did lowered the turbo and put it a little bit more closer to the block

My car is a 200SX SER 1998 model and it has AC working and I want now to upgrade the o2 housing. My car has from downpipe to muffler 3" mandrel tubes.

My question is, I want to upgrade the stock o2 housing for one of yours but I am not sure which one should I order.

Which 02 housing will fit best on my car? With this Autobahn 88 Manifold Header tubes (piping) had to be adapted a little bit so it could fit with the old O2 housing.

Hopefully you can recommend me something

Thank you
2012-03-28 09:53:06
^+1 cuz i was looking into that manifold also
2012-03-28 21:14:47
depends if you want to change the downpipe or not. if you do, get a GTIR jpipe and downpipe.

if not get a T25 jpipe and reuse your downpipe, the downpipe will sit lower with this set up.
2012-03-29 02:01:27
Was also wondering the same thing since I already have this manifold(autobah88) and currently looking into a descent turbo for my project. So far i'm thinking either Gt2871r,Disco Potato or a T28. If i do decide to go this route it'll be both j pipe and down pipe. Exhaust outlet from the down pipe is not too much of an issue since I'll be modifying my exhause soon after. So basically based on what keo is saying, my best options are going to be for the GTI-R ?
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