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Thread: SR20 Turbo 02 Housing R&D

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2012-07-12 22:31:48
Originally Posted by praedet
I have wanted a skid plate for my 200SX for awhile, any chance he can make one?


Contact LoCo over on g20.net if you want one. Keep this thread on topic please.

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2012-07-13 01:18:54
That skid plate is nice but I was referring to the screamers.
2012-07-18 06:24:03
GTiR o3 housing......

IS this available yet????
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2012-07-20 04:17:09
Originally Posted by blairellis
Originally Posted by javierb14
Send a couple of pics of the skid plate over and we'll see what's possible.

I have a couple more but nothing looking down from the engine bay. Basically everything is covered up down there.

Pre install:


That's a nice piece! The screamer could work with the Loco skid plate if you are willing machine a pocket (hole saw would work) into the plate. From the pic you posted, I have an idea on how much to lengthen the screamer so that it clears the plate/pocket too. Custom touches to the screamers are relatively easy to to do...they are all hand made

Originally Posted by nismosigma
So many good parts coming out for our cars lately, keep up the good fabrication work.

Originally Posted by sr20serprise
GTiR o3 housing......

IS this available yet????

They sure are. The 2.5 in. and 3.0 in. version now works on GTiR manifolds with the stock GTiR turbo or the Garrett GT28 "R's" with the 53.9 mm turbine wheels. They use the newly designed stainless steel divider that completely separates turbine flow from wastegate flow.

This is a 2.5 in. version (stock flange size and location) being built that is A/C compatible

This is a 3.0 in. version (stock flange location) recently completed for an A/C less setup.

They are built to order and lead time is about 4 weeks right now.
2012-07-20 04:31:35
Javier - what about doing something like this (ignore the text I copied that a while back):

2012-07-20 05:15:45
WHOA! i need to give you guys a CALL! YOU said 4 weeks wait for an o2 housing?
2012-08-01 14:33:45
got mine and thank you!

ill be putting it on in a month or so after i poor a new garage floor and get my tools back in order. i will surely post pics and or vids at that time.
2012-08-02 13:53:01
Can you make something like this
In a reroute or dump
2012-08-03 01:46:55
...or a combination of the two!

and this...

2012-08-05 04:14:26
oh man i want one of those in a screamer set up for a tial 38mm
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