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Thread: The SR20 Evolved Turbo Manifold

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2012-05-04 17:22:25
more pix of the setup? i NEED to see that intake manifold!!!
2012-05-05 19:49:27
So what's the deal with this? I'm either gonna get this or a t3 setup. I would like to get some twin scroll action. The more I drive my girls Evo the more I want that Turbo on my car.

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2012-05-10 05:51:37
Last weekend I uninstalled the EVO setup on the b13 to check the new SR20 T3 top mount manifold priority wastegate manifold fitment.

The EVO design has been proven on our Honda applications 350+whp, we haven't been able to test it on the SR motor though. If someone wants to alpha test the setup for the SR, I have the manifold and 02 housing/jpipe ready to go
2012-12-04 06:27:18
What's the status on these manifolds?!
2013-01-03 03:00:50
Originally Posted by SentraThis96
What's the status on these manifolds?!

The prototype was sold to a customer that will be testing it this spring. Once I get my hands on the test data, I can move forward with the design.
2013-01-07 18:57:21
Excellent! I'm anxiously awaiting the opportunity to buy one of the bottom mount ram horn manifolds!

If you're interested I do web development/design if you wanted to work out a deal in the future to setup eCommerce or just a different design for TurboFX.net I would be happy to help! Let me know if you're interested
2013-01-19 12:58:01
i think i may end up moving on from the 2871r setup to something like this.
2013-02-04 18:53:12
Twinscroll is a sweet design for the Sr20. I'm am currently runnin one that we built ourselves and the spool on it is ridiculous with the evo 8 turbo I'm running. Gettin full 14 psi within 500rpm drivin on freeway in 5 gear. I love it. Can't wait to upgrade to bigger turbo. It's deff worth the wait to get this manifold
2013-02-07 03:25:16
Release date?
2013-07-17 05:14:32
looking forward to moreinfo
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