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Thread: The SR20 Evolved Turbo Manifold

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2013-07-25 02:24:50
I sold the prototype to a member in Canada months ago. I haven't heard anything back yet...I'll ping him and figure out what's up.
2014-08-08 05:50:38
I've been pinged. In the middle of a full GTiR build along with a gtir/ve head engine with evo 9 turbo etc. I'll get some results posted up when it's together.
2014-08-20 03:08:57
Thanks Lynx...i've been thinking of your offer and will get back to you.

And for those watching, I'm bringing this manifold project back up to speed! I have ordered more materials and started working on serial #2, Lynx has #1. I'll be documenting this build from start to finish, illustrating the fabrication process so yall will be able to see it take shape.

Raw materials arrived last week

I'm a bit rusty on how these go together, so I started modeling the manifold in Solidworks to get a good feel for it. Here's a screen shot of calculating the collector angles and heights.

At this point, I think I have good dimensions to work with but need tooling to actually make real parts. For the collectors, I wanted something super repeatable and easy to setup and ended up with this design. It's made from scrap angle iron, some threaded rod, and a toggle clamp. The first test cuts were on PVC to double check that the fixture datum simulators were going to work.

Test cuts came out good. The next step was to test the real deal and here are the first cuts on stainless.

That's the progress so far. The next step is to fabricate back purge fixtures and then TIG weld the collector halves together. After that, I can determine what the collector angle needs to be @ the turbine flange and build that portion. And then, runners are modeled and fabricated. And then and then, final welding and finishing. It's gonna be a nice build
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2014-08-26 04:11:12
More updates....

Prepped and tacked the collectors

And welded them together

Now I need to work on the collector angles and runners.

I also picked up a new tool that'll help with the weld prep. It's still being tested to figure out what abrasive leaves the best weld surface finish.
2014-08-26 20:18:35
is #2 already sold?
2014-08-27 03:34:01
Originally Posted by Keo
is #2 already sold?

Ya, most likely. I can get my hands on additional material and build #2 and #3 at the same time...building these in small batches would probably work best
2014-09-01 03:25:24
#2 is starting to take shape

The collector fixture that was built previously ended working as a bend cutting fixture too...and it works well!

First attempt at collector placement and runner design

And this is the shape it finally took...mock up runners for a visual. This version should allow for a little more tool/hardware and TIG torch clearance.

Next step is to finish the collector, fabricate the actual runners, and finish weld everything together.
2014-09-19 20:33:10

Got it bolted up to the motor! Looks mean.
2014-09-25 02:36:27
Nice! You can probably see from the pic, but Lynx had to add a turbine flange spacer to fit the EVO IX turbo. His manifold was built around the VIII turbo and didn't clear the compressor housing on the IX turbo. The manifold fabrication fixture is being updated so that the next version clears both turbos.
2014-09-25 03:39:59
Yeah, sorry about my hack job MIG welding...damn slag:

Fits awesome now though!! I don't mind being the guinea pig either, been wondering what this setup could do for a while. Just getting my AN lines sorted out for the turbo now and it's ready to drop in to the GTiR. I predict many sr guys will be cherry picking all the good EVO turbos soon enough.
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