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Thread: The SR20 Evolved Turbo Manifold

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2011-06-01 03:28:06
Originally Posted by classicaddict
wooooow, takin the fwd sr into twin scroll FP turbos eh!? big things are happening with the sentras these days. i love it!

Yes sir...applying newer technology to the good 'ole fwd sr20s

Originally Posted by rmyc
what about down pipe?

also werent u selling on ebay earlier? wondering if your the one i emailed last year

The factory 02 housing will fit and so will the aftermarket pieces. The down pipe that connects to the cat back is definitely possible. What are you interested in, 2.5 or 3.0 in.?

I've sold a few parts ebay...most recently was a turbocharger.

Originally Posted by MR-4Door-SR20DET
Can you make a manifold similar that is top mount like that with a flange that will fit a T3 SC6262 with a .63a/r? I'm also interested in a 3" DP to go along with it.

Possibly, this manifold design works well since it tucks the manifold into the block and uses an internal waste gate freeing up space and keeping all accessories. A top mount will work, but you will more than likely have to modify a few components to get it to fit.

Originally Posted by LOUROK
damn thats nice!!!!!!!!

2011-06-04 14:22:21
I like this manifold, If my girl gets a bigger snail on her evo I might get one of these and rock the 16g
2011-06-04 16:20:41
^^^ x2 I'm tempted to boost the VE cause of this manifold.
2011-06-16 02:45:11
any updates?
2011-06-16 03:00:18
Updates coming real soon. I borrowed a tow dolly today and dragged my b13 to the shop. After tear down, plans include down pipe and charge pipe mock up and then some dyno runs I have a couple of ideas that will keep the cost of the post turbo exhaust plumbing down which will make this a super affordable turbo kit/package!
2011-06-16 03:15:10
2011-06-25 04:48:42
The prototype 02 housing and down pipe are done. this is a recirculated design with a 3.0 in. outlet. The down pipe is full 3.0.

2011-06-25 10:27:51
More PICS!!!
2011-06-25 13:14:50
All this looks like stock location of the reso and cat. I like that is it recirculated. Still very interested.
2011-06-25 15:40:17
It looks gorgeous!!!!! How does the turbo sit? its kinda of hard to see it from the pic you posted.
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