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Thread: The SR20 Evolved Turbo Manifold

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2011-05-04 21:26:55
The SR20 Evolved Turbo Manifold
The Evolved by TurboFX...a quick glimpse of our latest creation. The Evolved line of turbo manifolds are designed around the Mitsubishi EVO turbochargers with current applications for Nissan SR20 and Honda B, D, and K series motors.

Have you ever dreamed of a 300-700+HP turbo setup that retains all engine accessories, a full length radiator, and is easy to install on your SR20 powered FWD car? Well, take a look at the SR20 Evolved by TurboFX. It satisfies all these requirements and then some! American made, the Evolved line was engineered and is hand crafted in house from start to finish. Using only high quality materials along with the latest and greatest fabrication processes ensure a high performance part with a perfect fit. The SR20 Evolved manifold is priced @ $650.00 and is currently made to order.

These are the pictures of the first prototype. It will be installed on a B13 test car here shortly for dyno testing and data analysis. A few additional images of the sr20 evolved turbo manifold/can be found on the site....better digital images coming soon, i promise!

KEY design features
  • Flanges machined from 1/2 in. thick cold rolled mild steel (this stuff welds really nice!)
  • Runners fabricated from 1.25 in. dia. schedule 40 304L stainless steel for ultimate strength. Bends and straight have an I.D. of 1.380 in. and a CLR of 1.875 in. for maximum performance with out compromising fitment.
  • Symetrical runner design. Cylinders 1&4 share the same runner design while 1&4 share their own equal geometry.
  • Purged and TIG welded on Miller welders.
  • Machined flanges for a leak free sealing surface.

  • As an entry level kit, this manifold was based on the OEM EVO 8/9 turbochargers and 02 housings which are readily available used and usually in good working order. Average price can range from around $200-$400 depending on turbo model and housing size. Combine one of these turbos along with the SR20 Evolved manifold and you have a super affordable twinscroll turbo kit!

  • But wait, there's more! Since this kit was designed around the stock EVO 8/9 turbochargers, it means it will also fit most if not all of the available aftermarket upgrades...and there are quite a few upgrades out there .

Forced Performance Turbochargers offers the following compatible upgrades:

FP Black

FP Red

FP Green 73 HTA

FP White


ATP Turbo offers a few Garrett compatible upgrades too. Mitsubishi EVO 8 and 9 Garrett GT turbocharger upgrades.

They also offer the same turbos in GTX trim

In addition to the turbo upgrades, we also plan on releasing a couple of 02 housings. One design will recirculate the wastegate back into the exhaust stream. The other will open dump aka route the wastegate to atmosphere for the "screamer pipe" effect. Both will utilize 3.0 in. tubing for minimal pressure post turbine. Just like the manifold, it will be fabricated from stainless steel and TIG welded.

Stay tuned for installation images as well as dyno figures and data analysis!
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2011-05-04 21:37:34
make's me wanna go back to turbo. Damn that looks GOOD!

off topic warning:

do you make a sr20 header? i saw some pics of one being built on the site but no price and it wasn't done.
2011-05-04 21:45:19
Thanks. I had a couple of header designs in mind....that project was placed on the back burner for right now though. After I finish the manifold testing on my b13, I'll look into it again.
2011-05-04 23:05:31
Oh man, my buddy just got rid of his stock turbo to get the fp red... Only like a month earlier hahah Looks awesome man!
2011-05-05 16:52:28
2011-05-18 23:07:04
A couple of new pics. These show fitment with an EVO VIII turbo.

2011-05-23 01:46:52
wooooow, takin the fwd sr into twin scroll FP turbos eh!? big things are happening with the sentras these days. i love it!
2011-05-23 11:08:55
what about down pipe?

also werent u selling on ebay earlier? wondering if your the one i emailed last year
2011-05-23 14:19:02
Can you make a manifold similar that is top mount like that with a flange that will fit a T3 SC6262 with a .63a/r? I'm also interested in a 3" DP to go along with it.
2011-05-29 17:35:35
damn thats nice!!!!!!!!
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