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Thread: SR20VE 20V ecu and tunning options

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2018-07-17 23:02:15
SR20VE 20V ecu and tunning options
I have a P12 primera with 6 speed and the sr20ve 20v.
The intake is drive by wire and i would like to keep it that way.

1. Does any one chip these computers or hear of any one ever doing it?

1. Was told to try a SAFC but also hearing about these things detuning them self. What you guys thing ?
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2018-07-18 07:01:05
It's 2018, so piggy-backs like the SAFC don't belong in anyone's repertoire. I would ask the Nismotronic folks if their setup does electronic throttles. If so, you're all set. If not, you could look into any one of a dozen stand-alone solutions that will work with your engine setup. If tuning an entire stand-alone doesn't seem like your idea of fun, then maybe keep looking for a flashed OEM ECU solution. Maybe see what the Aussies are doing, or maybe the Canadians, or Europeans? Some place that people could buy that engine from Nissan. We never got it in the US.
2018-08-10 09:15:23
He wants to chip or flash the OEM 20V ecu. I don't think those ecu's can even support a chip/daughterboard type solution. Nismotronic doesn't support that ecu for sure. Most likely he would have to get that done by a Japanese company like "MINES". If the ecu is the same hardware as other nissans like the QR25 based vehicles, he may be able to get it done in the US.

Get in contact with someone(in US) that does flashing for the Spec-v or altima and send photos of the ecu, both external and internal and they should be able to tell u if they can do it.
2018-08-13 01:36:03
Originally Posted by yoshoto
He wants to chip or flash the OEM 20V ecu. I don't think those ecu's can even support a chip/daughterboard type solution. Nismotronic doesn't support that ecu for sure.

Right. Nismotronic doesn't even support the P11 ECU. Let alone the EDM P12. lol
2018-08-13 07:48:04
If Nismotronic supports electric throttles, can't he just put in whatever Nismotronic with the correct ECU plug and be off to the races? Or is that what you mean? That they don't have the correct ECU plug?
2018-08-14 09:00:29
Nismotronic supports specific OBD1 ecu's currently. No OBD1 ecus natively had or supported E-throttle ( aka drive by wire). In theory Dave could take the input of an E-accelerator which would be a 0-5 V type signal and write code to support this but the issue would arise with output, most e-throttles are some type of Step Motor, maybe a 0-5V output (or PWM) could be converted via an external driver board for the E-throttle, in any case it would not be an easy or elegant solution.

Besides my suggestion wrt the US based solution, as I said certain Japanese company's can do this but it may be quite costly, MINES , IMPUL and the like can and have done some sort of reflashing to these ECU's.

If it was a transplant into another older vehicle an OBD1 solution would be the way to go, however to keep all the other vehicle interfaces working within the P12, keeping the oem ecu is probably the only viable solution and therefore using a piggyback system, nevermind how abhorrent it seems in 2018, may be the only viable cost effective solution

2018-08-30 17:37:08
We have a few tuned P12's here in NZ. The options people have done are:

- Convert the wiring harness to take an OBD1 Plug and run a S13 SR20DET ECU with a chip (so you can still run COP) if you convert to dizzy you can run any B13/G20 chipped ECU. Convert the throttle body to cable, Ether modify the factory throttle body, weild a new flange on the plenum or find a SR20VET lower runner so you can bolt on a P11 SR20VE plenum and throttle body. Be warned, the factory temp gauge runs off the ECU with CANBUS. So you will need to run an aftermarket gauge if you want to have a temp read out.

- Full standalone ECU wire in. This is by far the easiest but most costly. You will still have issues with CANBUS but if you choose your ECU wisely you can run a PWM output to drive the factory gauge.
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