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Thread: how to calum rt 2 version 0 connection - wiring and settings ?

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2016-10-13 17:49:53
how to calum rt 2 version 0 connection - wiring and settings ?

sorry for my English but i learn every day

I have a project i build a sr20de (150hp) into a k11 micra ( march ).
the sr20 is from an p11 GT ( 150 hp ) and my first problem was the nats system i have the key and the ecu ( 23710 3j501 ) but no wiring and i want to tune the engine later so i buy a calum ecu rt for it and re-pin my p11 to a p10 wiring and the engine is running but not good so i download tunerpro rt and looking for a bin and xdf it looks good and i can connected ( i think so ) i see hardware when i start tunerpro i have a emulation connection and a da connection.

when i put the download or upload button you see its working and no fail but the program is not running on the ecu its still the old map ?

and i have 3 connectors on the back on the ecu [ATTACH=CONFIG]877[/ATTACH] for what are the connectors ?

gr willem
2016-10-13 23:55:48
connectors are for:

Digital inputs (4)
High Current outputs (4) (I believe these are strictly on/off active ground and not PWM)
Analog inputs(4) 0-5V

may be labelled as DI, AI & HC on the connectors themselves

for your application you don't need to use any of the connectors, maybe later on an analog input for wideband.
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2016-10-14 16:23:11
thank u for the reply,

can u help me with my software issue ?

I use tprt v5 and I can connect to the emulator, I can upload my modify bin and I can download the bin from the emulator I see the changes on the bin when I download the bin.
if I download the bin to file and open the file in tprt I see the changes ( I change rev limit to 3500 for the test )
when I install my ecu in the car I can start and run but ther is no rev limit on 3500rpm.

it think I can change my bin but its not running on the ecu.

how can I see if the connections are good ?

grz willem
2016-10-14 17:07:02
[ATTACH]878[/ATTACH] is this good ?
2016-10-14 17:11:54
A lot of what you will need is documented here CalumSult (mostly) Open Realtime ECU - CalumSult , English not being your first language, you are going to have a rough time, even people that are fluent in english have a hard time if they don't have a passing understanding of electronics, microprocessors, using bootloaders, C programming etc.

What is your first language? If spanish try this page first and also maybe you can ask him for help http://www.sr20-forum.com/tuning/15775-noob-tuning-his-own-car-calum-rt.html

I will try to simplify a few things that must be done to get started (this will only work if the board was previously set up and being used with a valid rom, if the memory is corrupted or the board reset, well it can get ugly).....

First make sure you have connected to the Calum RT properly.

The calum RT has a USB to dual serial port, when the driver is properly installed you will see two additional (virtual) com ports.

One port is hardwired to a consult interface. The other is connected to the 16 bit emulator that makes this board realtime.

First if you don't have two additional com ports then u need to resolve that. Genuine FTDI chips were used so get the drivers from the FTDI website for your flavour of windows. This should work for all x86 or x64 -> http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/CDM/CDM%202.08.30%20WHQL%20Certified.zip Pay attention Calum specifies to install driver first then plug in the ECU, if you have already fudged this up, then first run the FDTI clean utility to remove all FDTI drivers from computer and start over.

If you have two ports then -> identify which is which, so use datascan or any consult software and try either com port and you should be able to connect to the ecu as if you were connected via the diagnostic port on one of them, have a look around using the consult software at things such as the ecu part number and live data, this then means the other com port is the emulator, set this other port up in tunerpro and try again.

if you can upload some pics of your board, both sides, i'd appreciate that.
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2016-10-14 17:41:21

I am dutch but i have THE port in device maneger by com port 1 and 2 -and by USB connections port a and port B ?

Is that okey ?
2016-10-14 17:50:34
Ah a cloggy, too bad can't help much there.

yes but normally usb assigns VCP's above 1 & 2

did you verify using a consult software on port A
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2016-10-14 18:46:18
I think its better to install everything new i gone try an let u know do you have good files bin adx and xdf ?

Grz Wim and thank u
2016-10-15 00:46:35
What ECU are u using? I believe its a B13/P10 type so the B13RT.xdf from Tunerpro's site is the one to use.

Download EMUtility and use that to load the Bin you want onto the realtime, then use Tunerpro for the rest.
2016-10-15 07:31:55
yes its a b13 ecu I take picture,s for u.

I ask it because I don't now for shure if my file,s are good ts 32k richt ?


and about the usb port there is an port a and b for read and write, are they 2 different usb ports on my laptop ?

grz wim
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