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Thread: B14 det basic calum.tried to set timing and idle.now she dies at stop

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2016-02-27 13:38:13
B14 det basic calum.tried to set timing and idle.now she dies at stop
Hello everubody.I have a b14 obd2 det running basically.when I started the car after the swap,the car started perfect. However when putting the car in timing mode (followed protocol via fsm)setting timing,setting idle was weird as I had to tighten the idle screw all the way down to get the idle back down to where it was original.this iacv was a genuine new iacv from the b14 low port motor.I never set it on the old motor and was working fine in the det until I needed to set it after the timing.she idles great but she's shutting off on me all the time I stop the car at a light stop sign,she can't hold idle.anybody that can please help with this I'd appreciate it.located in new york/l.I area.thanks in advance
2016-02-27 16:24:08
Also wanted to add,I readjusted the iacv in timing mode.I set her for 1000 rpm.restarted and she still is idling at normal 850rpm.is there something I did wrong?I followed the fsm to put car in timing mode.if I recall correctly,hold at 2 to 3000 rpm for 3 minutes,Rev to 3000 rpm twice.shut off car
Disconnect tps and start
Adjusted idle to 1000rpm (to prevent the stalling at stops)
Turned off
Reconnected tps sensor
Started car
Idles at 850rpm
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