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Thread: Need pointed in general direction of where to start...thanks

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2015-11-26 23:36:39
Need pointed in general direction of where to start...thanks
I have a request of all of you, can any effectively explain in a short cpl sentences how I "dial" in a tune on nismotronic. Completely new to all this its exciting. Ive read a lot of info and read most of the help and how to for tunercode and now I'm just unsure of what to start with. What do I look for first when I open up a log on nismotronic with the intent of tuning my ve with n1 cams and cat to pass emissions. How exactly is the best way to adjust my A/F to where I want it? I need to lean out the daily driving parts and richen up the wot parts.
2015-11-27 06:58:25
Assuming everything else is good, just adjust the fuel map on the areas you need..
2015-11-27 08:46:35
First of all, get your idle bang on.

Most important, do you have a wideband installed? And is it connected to NEMU via the brekout box(optional)?

Start by warming up the engine, and disable 02-feedback. Adjust the fuel map in the idle section its currently in. Get it to 14.7AFR on idle by tweaking the fuel map. Free rev it to 1500rpm, 2000rpm, 2500rpm and 3000rpm, and tune all these cells to 14.7. You can now easily pass smog! Just enable NARROWBAND 02 feedback after you are done, so it will pendle up/down nicely.

If the wideband is directly connected to nemu, you will have it slightly easier, since you can review logs, and only keep your eyes on the laptop. It is doable with looking at the pod gauge of the wideband, you just have to keep switching your eyes real fast

When you are done with the idle, you can move on to cruising tuning. Turn off 02-feedback before tuning. Again, I cannot stress how much it helps to have wideband to nemu, or a passenger tuning the car while one drives. Get the cruise at all speeds, 30,40,50,60,70mph to 14.7-15.XAFR. Keep the throttle very very stable, if you step on it alot, accel and decel trims will be applied. When you have all the crusing tuning done, move on to load.

Then we get to the WOT part. This will different very much depending on if you're N/A or FI. I'm assuming you're naturally aspirated for now. It's more forgiving, and you can have it running lean for some time without blowing stuff up. Aim for 13.0AFR during WOT. Accel parameters should be pretty good standard, so just keep working the fuel map at the highest cells. Either make logs, or have a friend with you to do real-time adjustments.

It really is that simple. Good luck!
2015-11-28 16:32:36
Hell yeah! Thats exactly the type of explanation I was looking for. Thanks a lot.

My didn't get email thread updates so I was getting on here to post to make it a little less vague cause I didn't see either of you guys had posted. Yes I have an Innovate direct into Nemu. Thanks I am heading to the fuel mom now then. I was just unsure cause there are soooo many thing I could mess with on here and have heard stuff about injector battery latency blah and of course maf load stuff it was where do I start?
2015-11-29 00:04:48
I went today and passed on everything except visual inspection. Hell yeah that was easy
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