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Thread: NismotronicSA not reading live data

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2015-10-15 23:10:51
NismotronicSA not reading live data
Has anyone had this problem before where your NismotronicSA does not pick up live data from the car?

1992 B13

I just did a quick test the other day and can't seem to get any live data from the car when I plug up the ECU.

I do not have that black ADC box hooked up yet but not sure if that would cause the ECU not to get live data.

Does anyone know what the problem can be?
2015-10-16 01:57:37
Did you clip the three yellow OEM consult wires?
2015-10-16 01:59:09
i don't remember if they were all yellow but pins 7,14,and 15 were cut and still nothing
2015-10-16 02:03:39
Then idk sorry.
2015-10-16 02:04:53
All good. Thanks
2015-10-17 13:28:43
Is the ignition switch ON?
2015-10-17 16:49:39
Yes, We got the got running for a second just no live data.

John told me to remove the 7,14,15 pins from the harness instead of just cutting them so I'm going to try that.
2015-11-19 19:46:01
so did you got it fix?
2015-11-20 03:52:35
Yes i had to de pin the wires from the harness
2016-02-11 04:55:32
Yep had the same prob with one of my b13 and when i plugged my comp on my other harness it does rhe same thing cause i havnt taken out those 2 wires yet

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