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Thread: CNP/COP conversion for OEM ECU

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2015-05-03 10:17:41
I'm working on a Smart circuit for coils that do not have a built in safety discharge built in. Basically, if the coil is triggered for too long, it will cook its self. This circuit can be adapted to any inductive coil like the s13, s14, s15/p12 essentially making them "Smart Coils" like a ls2 or 2zz coil.
2015-05-07 16:05:45
you think it is possible to use it with my eManage ultimate, so you can change the ignition timing in the EMU and your Cop system work well?

This is the configuration by COP but have problems and not start the engine because eManage not send the ignition signal in the first turns on cranck

I want modify the ignition timing in eManage and send modified signal to your system cop let me know if you think system is working properly.
2015-05-08 10:41:54
@manuelmora My controller will work with the Emanage. And it looks to be a good platform to work with considering the functionality of emanage. As long as the emanage can change coil dwell like the nismotronic then it will be ok to use.

I'll be posting some info this weekend about a push in style coil pack that is better suited for the SR20.

As for your current setup, have you properly wire the cam reference and position signals to the emanage?
For the output jumper setting, you will want to use 1-2 for the 5v signal.
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2015-05-21 02:09:22
NismotronicSA is now running on the bench setup. I'll post some pics soon. I expect to have full functionality this weekend as well as wiring my 00 p11 up I'm a dual ecu setup. PLUS the first professional printed circuit boards will be here Friday. Big weekend. Now I just need to convince the wife to watch the kid.
2015-05-21 02:31:12
In for a board
2015-05-21 06:47:22
anymore info on making the 20v coil into a smart coil?
2015-05-21 08:32:26
Originally Posted by shady45
anymore info on making the 20v coil into a smart coil?

Yep. That's done too.
2015-05-21 09:23:16
You don't want the first run of these boards. They are stripped down, featureless design. Strictly for testing. I posted as an update on progress. However, I am starting an unofficial reserve list, please do not post here though as I do not want to piss off the mods trying to sell anything here. Just shoot me a Pm and I will add your name to the list.

I believe I can have a final product available in the next few months. So please remain patient. I still work full time, go to college and have a 1 year old.
2015-05-22 15:59:43
First pic is of just getting the DIS-SR running on the "bench" and the corresponding oscilloscope image. I lose a channel on my scope and the triggering is kinda slow. I need a new one bad.

The video is just proof I guess. At the time of the video only TPS was hooked up. Currently I have Cam Ref, Cam Pos, TPS, and ECT and the nismotronic is running on TPS for load.
Anywho, the printed boards will be here this afternoon. The
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2015-05-22 16:14:25
great work!
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