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Thread: CNP/COP conversion for OEM ECU

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2015-05-22 17:21:29
That last pic of the harness looked so unprofessional. Heres a better one.
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2015-05-22 17:40:28
Sometimes you need chaos when doing R&D
2015-05-23 13:19:08
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2015-06-02 15:28:51
John is now in possession of the DIS-SR. When I get some feedback from him we will be able to move this along fairly quickly. Please be patient as always, John has a busy month ahead of him. But I will be doing a new install on one of my cars. This time I will be using the DIS-SR with smart coil feature running VW Vag coils which happen to be the best fitting coils for the de/det VC. This will be an in cab installation. I've tapped into the Boomlang harness and have weather pack connectors for easy removal. The DIS-SR is also in a test housing with its corresponding connector. All very clean. An important thing to remember for anyone doing a COP whether it be AEM or RWD S13 ecu, shield your wires. The signal can get disrupted very easily. Especially in a high noise environment like and engine bay. Pics coming soon.
2015-06-03 00:03:26
Really simple setup. Three wires attached to the jumper harness, then 12v on the red and black then the second connector is for the ignition coil. Dont worry, this enclosure is just for testing purposes and will by no means be this large. I still think an in ECU mount would be ideal. We will see though.
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2015-06-03 00:20:21
Doesn't look that big, about the size of my aftermarket ignition box.
2015-06-03 01:55:29
Originally Posted by P10
Doesn't look that big, about the size of my aftermarket ignition box.

Well one of the designs I have drawn up is about half the size of the circuit board in post 83.
2015-06-05 04:22:25
Looks awesome!
2015-06-05 10:48:41
It dawned on me this morning I never updated on how my finals went. I received and A on the project and an A in the class. My professor was so impressed he had the dean come down and sit through the presentation. It was a pretty surreal experience, all of this has really.
2015-06-05 15:25:51
That's awesome great work
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